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Walkers, Redbone, Mountain Cur, and some Walker/Mountain Cur Pups

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I hate to get rid of these dogs, but I didn't have the time this past fall to hunt them and I will be going out of state to work in a few weeks and won't be able to hunt them any this winter. I would consider doing some trading for a rabbit minded beagle or two for my dad. He is looking to get out of the deer beagles and start rabbit hunting again.

I have a pair of walker gyps that are litter mates. They are grade dogs about 15 months old. I have not had them on a coon, but they have treed a couple of cats that wondered into my yard. Each time, I had to pull them off of the tree after about 2 hours in order to get the stupid cat out of my yard. I think they would learn quickly from an experienced dog. One has a litter of pups right now and would be ready in about 3 weeks. $50 each.

I also plan on getting rid of most of the pups from the walker's litter. They are walker/mountain cur cross. I plan to keep two of the pups. I will have 1 brindle female, 1 blue/white male, and 3 black/white males to get rid of. They will be ready in 3 weeks. $25 each.

I have a 2 1/2 year old grade redbone gyp that likes to run rabbits and deer. I can't feed a 80lb rabbit dog. She has an excellent nature and is great with everyone from adults to my 3 year old. She is a big baby and would make a great pet but needs room to run. $50 obo.

The last one that I need to get rid of is brindle mountain cur. He is about 16 months old, I think. I bought him thinking that my dad was wanting a new squirrel dog, but he decided not to take the dog. I had puppy papers, but my wife "put them away" and I have not been able to find them since. She didn't know what they were, so she can't tell me where they are.:smack: I'll keep looking. $50 obo.
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Well that stinks. I have no idea how to train a squirrel dog. Good luck with th sale!
I am interested in the Cur dog. Text or call 501 six one seven 3934
The walkers are spoken for.
i need a phone number

i need a phone number
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