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    I have a 3 year old grade walker male for sale. We have entirely too many dogs and need to downsize. This is my dog, but I work and go to school full time. My husband is a bluetick man, and he has his dogs that need the most attention. This dog will tree but hasnt been out much this season. He needs to be shown a few live coon to freshen him up a bit. It may be my partiality to this dog but by far the prettiest walker male i have ever seen and has a mouth that will blow the bottom out of the tree. He is papered, but they got lost in transit. I have the say so whether or not a sell will be completed because if I believe he will be mistreated, he won't go anywhere. He come from rough people before I got him and I won't let him go to anyone that would treat him any less than what I did...so if you believe in beating your dogs to get them to hunt correctly, don't bother. He was gone for a week off on a female so at the moment, he is not as built as he usually is. He will take a while to warm up to a new family....particularly men. He will be fine with the owner, if male, but with strange men, he gets deffensive (because the men before beat the crap out of him)....he LOVES women and LOVES kids....he gets along really well with other dogs once he is comfortable. Any questions, just reply or call 870-214-1723.

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    im intrested. how much do you want for him. thanks

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    i have to agree with you, that is one fine looking walker dog. what kind of price are you asking?
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    Pm and text sent
  5. duckdown

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    do you still have him. thanks
  6. courtneyhalpain

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    He has been sold. Thank you for your interest though.