Waitress dropped a tray of drinks on my wife

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by ARoutdoorman, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. outdoorjunkiebj

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    I guess the couple hundred dollar phone was ok?
  2. Bucker10

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    Notice he didn't say anything about burning the place down :fit:

  3. orangefeetdown

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    You handled it graciously, and you should be proud of yourself for that. Nothing good was going to come from jumping all over the waitress, I'm sure she already felt about as low as it gets.
  4. 1928

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    It's been a long day, but that made laugh.
  5. outdoorjunkiebj

    outdoorjunkiebj Well-Known Member

    Yes u did. Pretty freakin embarrassing for the waitress too.
  6. ARoutdoorman

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    The phone was fine..I got it out of the case and dried off pretty fast..we were more worried abt that than anything else..the clothes can be washed and dried..a phone not so much..at the moment that was top priority
  7. ARWildMan

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    There's nothing wrong with saying something to the management with your kids present. You can be polite and discuss the situation with the manager. As I see it, if it bothered you bad enough then you would have mentioned to the manager that you think y'all should be compensated more. But like some said, accidents happen, brush it off and move on. A little sweet tea never hurt anyone lol
  8. ARoutdoorman

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    I was wondering when I was gonna hear from you
  9. John Stiles

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    LMAO I would pay extra too, just to see that merciless monster mine hides from the public; jump out and attack! ROFLMAO
  10. N8HARNER

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    I don't mean he should have said something to the waitress. It was the manager I would have had the problem with. Paying for a $4 cheese dip is like a slap to the face.
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  11. orangefeetdown

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    Oh I know, I didn't think that you did!
  12. 7 point

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  13. I've been in this situation, except it was the GF and not my wife. She had on some nice clothes, which were white; and got stained pretty heavily. Ruined her phone too.

    Thing is, it was a mistake. The waitress doesn't get paid jack. Neither does the manager for that matter, not for what they've got to put up with. I mentioned the ordeal to the manager, and the meal was on them and there was a sincere apology-and we still go back to this day. The waitress was crying.

    I've made mistakes in my trade too. I can only do so much as far as owning up to them. I take most of the mistakes personally, sometimes it's stuff that is out of my control. Some people hate that. Others know that I'm human and will make a mistake or two once in a while. I have had to pay around $6000 for a mistake once, which is a big chunk of what I make. But it was a personal mistake that I made. Boss could have sucked it up without issue but I took care of it-but I guarantee you this-I'll never make that same mistake again!
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  14. hillbillycycles

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    I had it happen to me in college. Tea and soft drinks down my back --- and I was bad hung over to boot! Got nothing for it, and never even saw a manager. Never went back. Waiter mistake and he still got a tip but I was not very happy that nobody officially apologized.

    Wife and I had a favorite place to eat in Conway 20 years ago and they had a mixed chicken and beef meal I liked. The chicken was bad once, so I ate all the beef and told the waiter the chicken was spoiled. They did not even offer to pay for the half of my meal that was bad. Never went back.

    Neither time was it worth my time and effort to get upset. I let my wallet do my talking. If you finally get me upset enough to get in rare form in public you have done something. Ask a service manager at North Point Nissan.

    That was all before the days of web sites like Yelp where you can leave a review.