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    What brand of waders is everyone wearing? My pair of Lacrosse Brush Tuff's are getting old and in need of replacement. They have been VERY good but the problem I've always had with them is if I have to walk very far they rub hard on the inside of my legs just above my ankles. This is the area where the boot meets the neoprene material. They don't rub the skin off (probably due to my layered clothing) but they rub so hard they actually bruise my legs. Again, this only happens if I have to wade quite a distance. The past few trips I had to wade at least 1000 yards in knee-waist deep water to get to the hole we've been hunting. I've been looking at the zip-up waders that Cabelas offers. Does anyone have any experience with these? What about the other breathable waders that are offered? Any suggestions?
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    i have the brush tuffs also, going on 3 years....mine do not rub, i layer up real good!! i will go with brush tuffs when its time to replace them.
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    I've had MPW breathables for two seasons now and I am very happy with them!!

    Comfort is not descriptive enough!!! They are like wearing chinos in the woods and walking is when they really shine!!! That and creeping on snows!!!

    My bro wears the Hodgman zippers and really likes those too.
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    The mow breathables are by far the most comfortable and they are warm. But when I took mine out for the first hunt this year, they leaked terribly on the inside of the legs. They wouldn't take them back bc it had been 13 months. I think they wore really bad from being baggy and rubbing together.
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    Do you guys prefer the 3.5mm or 5mm? I've always used the 5mm's.
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    Drake mst are the best waders I've ever owned.
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    This is my second with with my Fort Thompson brand waders, so far so good:up: They sales dude at Ft Thompson did say they were made by Itasca but who really knows:shrug:
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    lacrosse breathables:up:
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    lacrosse breathables:thumb:
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    3rd pair of drakes, POS, POS , POS, they would be great if they didn't leak