Viola School Under Lockdown

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Doug Hodges, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. My son just texted me and Viola School is under lockdown. A gunman was spotted or something. I hope its just people being very cautious. We are praying hard here. I feel helpless sitting here typing this. I want to grab my ASSUALT WEAPONS and go protect my son.

    I just got more information. A lot of the schools in the area are under lockdown. Last week they had a bomb threat and the bomber committed suicide. This is crazy.
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    You've got to be friggin kidding!! I'm sick of this crap!!!

  3. My son just texted that the cops are chasing a gunman. You know how things get blown out of proportion. I hope thats what this is?
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  5. I just got word they caught him.
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    Doug, Keep us updated!
  7. It was a young adult that was trying to kill his dad an grandma because he got mad at them. This is crazy.
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    "Last week they had a bomb threat and the bomber committed suicide. This is crazy."

    Far as I know the person that did the bomb threat last week is in Fulton Co jail.
    Old guy from Cherokee named William Adams.
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    Wow! I am glad that they caught him before he could do any harm.
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    Harrison schools have had several bomb threats in last few weeks.
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  12. OK> I heard he commited suicide. Thats how things get going. Thanks
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    It's just a shame!!!! PITIFULL!!!
  14. Who is to say that this guy wasnt headed to the school after he killed his dad and grandma? The news has given all the crazies across the country a blueprint. Jonesboro TV just contacted me because of my post on facebook.
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    Folks, as long as the media continues to sensationalize this craziness, IT'S GOING TO CONTINUE TO HAPPEN AND GET WORSE!!!!!!!!! No new law is going to stop it. When there's a deranged young adult that would normally off himself in his basement looks up and sees how the media plasters some gunman's picture onto every TV in the nation, it gives him an idea of how to one-up the previous massacre. So, he decides he now wants to go to a daycare or maternity ward and leave this place in a blaze of glory. He wants to be remembered. When is it going to stop? What's going to be enough? We know almost EVERY shooter's name for the past 10 years that has been involved in these types of shootings BUT, you tell me ONE name of a victim. Can you do that? Just ONE. NO. We only hear of the shooter and what color underwear he wore on Monday's. THE MEDIA HAS TO STOP SENSATIONALIZING THESE MASSACRES. Ok, in an effort to save my keyboard, I'm going to step down off my soap box.
  16. Ok. An officer from Fulton County just called me. He said things were blown out of proportion. It wasnt as bad as we were led to believe. They did put the school under lockdown but no one was in any real danger. It was a family dispute and a kid didnt want his mom having guns in the house so he took them out of the home.
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    crap now the kids are brainwashed!!!
  18. It was a teacher giving my son the information he was texting me. Everyone is on edge everywhere.
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    I would be on edge too! Glad everything is OK now. At least it sounds like it is.