Vinyl Siding ?

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    Guys, I'm looking to get vinyl siding put on my house this spring. Anybody have a rough idea what I'll be looking at paying to get it done. Older 1500 sq ft house.
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    The entire house?

    I know someone who had a 1300 sq ft home and it was like $5000. That don't mean jack though. Lots of places will give free estimates.

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    I know a guy that does that for a living. Its kinda far from you if your in alma but he may do it. He does free estimates and if its too far he will just tell you. Stand up guy real straight shooter. PM me if you want his number. Cost depends on how much cutting and angles you have on thehouse. More angles=more cutting=more waste and more time.
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    Vinyl siding

    I hang vinyl siding. Give me a call 501-944-5710. I can give you some generals over the phone.