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For sale is a very nice Remington 700 ADL with a 3x9x40 Simmons ATV scope. Gun is chambered in .270 and is a tack driver. The stock is a beautiful laminate and the gun is in great condition. I also have a little over 3 boxes of Winchesther Super X shells that will go with it as well. Only reason I'm selling is because I've found another gun I really want and wife insist I must do so to aquire the new one. This is an awesome gun and I really hate to part with it, but I've found a gun I've wanted for almost 15 years and need to do so to fund it. The gun is located in Conway. I do not wish to trade or seperate any of the above mentioned items. $600

Asking $600

Forgot to mention the scope has Butler creek flip up covers. Really helps when climbing a stand and while in transit. And more importantly, the scope is AO which is really helpful. The ATV series scope was one of Simmons flagship.scopes. Very crisp and clear. Dropped a nice 8 point with over a 16" inside spread with one shot this season with it.

I'm also open to "reasonable" offers. The worst I can say is no and we'd still be friends.
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