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  1. I've heard vanilla extract will attract deer just out of their curiosity. I guess they like the smell and want to see if its food? Does anyone around here use this?
  2. jwalker

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    I've heard of it too idk how well it works but my cousin shot his biggest buck eating a ice cream drumstik lol

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    that cmere deer smells like vanilla.
  4. Good cover scent for sure. Curiosity killed the cat!:biggrin:
  5. Hog_54

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    I have heard that it work as cover scent but have never tried it, may have too
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    It does work as a cover scent. It also seems to work better early when the leaves are still on. I don't know why. One other suggestion is to buy the pure vanilla. Its a little harder to find but most have alcohol added and its not as effective.
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    ....unless your thirsty. :wink:
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    I think there is something to it. I remember when Dan "the man" Fitzgerald used an attractant called Killa Vinilla. Ive never tried it.
  9. vanilla

    Vanilla extract works well...use in a spray bottle 50/50 blend with water. I use nursery water to mix the solution. Just to avoid the chlorine smell in tap water. I had a doe walk down my trail after spraying on my boots and she came to within 5 feet of me sitting on the ground beside a tree. I got the recipe from a friend who is a member of a large club in Tunica Ms. They been using it for years and always have great success. Vanilla works as cover scent and attractant. Never hurts to try something new.
  10. bayoubuckhunter

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    hadnt worked for me, but i only used it one time due to being p'od lol. I think i paid like 15 bucks for a bottle of the michael waddels buck juice, got it home and opened it up to find that i just fell for another bull*@*@ smells just like the vanilla extract, could of got that from my wifes kitchen lol
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    Think of what you learned! The crime would be when you bought the second bottle. Of course it would be OK if it were Tiffanies.....:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    Tiffanies what??:head:
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    Well I'm going to try it see what happens, because all this stuff on market doesn't seem to be that good.
  15. If you have any luck soon be sure to let us know! :thumb:
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    When I lived in Kansas we bought some stuff made locally called Cover Up, it smelt just like vanilla so we made our own and it worked great. I had a doe circle me in a wide open field trying to wind me and never could. It is just like everything else, sometimes it works and sometimes it don't, who knows why.:shrug:
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    How about vanilla scented car fresheners?:shrug:... Just a thought. Would that work?
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    I think almost any unusual scent will sometimes draw in curious deer, especially young deer, but I believe the older, smart ones spook from anything unusual. I think most of the special scents attract more hunters than deer.

    Knew a guy once who swore by Mennen Skin Bracer. Said it covered the human smell. He splashed it on heavy every morning, and of course the only deer he saw were the deer that were way up wind from him...but you could never convince him of that.
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    I put pure vanilla on corn once, but hey wouldn't touch it haha.
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    I use it all the time. i think deer seems to think it's a honeysuckle around and they luv honeysuckle