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I am selling my US GI M261 22LR rimfire adapter kit for an AR15. I am picking up a dedicated upper to replace this kit. I use only Federal Bulk pack ammo from Wal Mart and it runs just fine.

All you have to do is to remove your bolt and bolt carrier from your upper receiver and install the M261 assembly. Installation takes less than a minute.

Included is the M261 assembly, 3 10 round magazine inserts and an M261 replacement parts kit that has never been opened.

The magazine inserts fit into any 20 or 30 round USGI aluminum magazine. I have used them in both 20 and 30 round USGI aluminum mags with no problems. The mag inserts slip into the magazine from the top, it takes about 10 seconds to install or remove the insert. There are NO permanent modifications to either the firearm or magazines.

550 rounds of Fereral Bulk pack 22LR is ~$15 at Wal Mart. 20 Rounds of 223 will run 6 to 10 dollars or more. This will let you have cheap trigger time with the same firearm you use for SD/hunting/SHTF. It's also a cheap way to introduce the kids or wife to AR's and shooting in general.

This kit is located in Jonesboro, I will sell locally or can deliver anywhere along HWY 67 between Jonesboro and Little Rock as I go that way once a week or so.

Not interested in trades.
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