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Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by PapaBear, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I need some advice. I may have an opportunity for a job that pays really well. From my understanding most, if not all, the emplyees are in the Union. In this situation is it mandatory to join the Union?
    I have read the website for this Union and did not care that it was just an extension of the democratic party. I am a conservative.
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    Arkansas is one of 22 states that are "Right to Work," meaning you don't have to join the union if you don't want to. The union, in turn, has no right to withhold union "dues" from your paycheck; however, they since they're organized in the shop you're thinking of going to work in, they are obligated to look out for you in any collective barganing agreements - meaning that you can't be hung out to dry simply because you're not in their little club.


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    Assuming that company is based out of Arkansas. You can't work at UPRR and not be in the union. If you are a conservative like me, you can write a letter to your union telling them that you don't want any of your dues going toward the Dem. party and they cut my dues from $70 to $66. It ain't much but it's the principal of the matter to me. Unions are a joke anyway. Bunch of lobbyists. :censored:
  4. Selfbow

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    Unions are a neccessary evil.
    This country would not be where it is today without labor unions.

    I'm not crazy about them, but you need the threat of a union or companies will run you over.
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    Unions are not worth the trouble any more back in the day yes they did their part but with all of the laws and crap work places have to follow its just a money making scam for the reps
    The guys over the union for Kholer here in Searcy were making up to $1200 a week while the members were out in the weather every day for a year and they didn't have to show they were making money from another job either while the members couldn't make any money outside the work place during this time:down:
  6. You have to ask yourself if it is worth it. Compromise your politics for a job that comes with guarantee's. The guarantee of fair pay, good benefits, security, someone to stand beside you if you get in trouble, and many other reasons to be a member of a union. You can still be fired or layed off, when you are a member of a union, but it sure makes it harder.
    What ever you do, think of your family. Ask yourself if this would be a better lifew for them. SWEDE
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    UPRR, AT&T, etc. are all "card shops" where the union was formed in the state that the company is HQ'd and, therefore, can organize anywhere another shop exists. But again, according to the state constitution you don't have to be a member of the union, nor do you have to pay union dues. Prior to the state constitution being amended (the same as it was here in Oklahoma several years ago), it was a Right to Hire state and you didn't have that option.

    So...I don't know how long you've worked at UPRR, but I do know that nowadays it is unlawful to REQUIRE union membership in order to be employed at a steward shop.

    And no - unions ARE NOT a necessary evil. There was a time and a place, but both passed over half a century ago. Look what the unions have done to places like Detroit, and then tell us with a straight face that they are necessary.

  8. The United Auto Workers Union destroyed Detroit. Am I the only one that finds that outrageous. The union leaders woke up one day and said, let's destroy the auto industry. In doing that we will loose a large majority of our members. They can loose there jobs, there homes, there savings, take there kids out of college, have no reason to live, and just destroy everything that the auto industry has built. We'll do that. Oh yea, after a month in office, Obama did it. Maybe it was the Share holders, the managememt, the workers, the President(Bush), and the congress(democrat majority). Yea it was the unions falt.SWEDE:thumb:
  9. No one, other than contractors or managers, work for Union Pacific. That is just the way it is.
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    Okay - so it wasn't the unions directly; however, the indirect results of their direct actions was a crumbling of the auto market in America. While it wasn't a coupe de gras that created the vacum GM left in 2008 when "it was too big to fail," you can rest assured that UAW lobbyists were petitioning anyone who would listen in DC to ensure that it didn't go BK. Had it done so, the collective bargaining agreement that the UAW was feverishing working to re-negotiate would've been scrapped and the union would've dissolved.

    Had that happened, well...it's pretty safe to say that the free market would've picked up the pieces of GM and put people to work WITHOUT a union protecting the "interests of the working man." Oh, but wait...that's what the government is here for. Go back to drinking your UAW kool aide SWEDE, and let me know in 10 years how everything turned out.

    Since I'm self-employed, and don't have a union to protect my lowly interests, I'd better get back to work.

  11. PapaBear

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Johnnie Walker, that sounds like a good plan. It will ease my conservative mind some if I find that I can keep from helping liberal agendas.
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    Unions have negotiated our country into a consumer class that doens't build anything anymore. They are a big part of what's wrong with our country. I wouldn't join unless I had to.

    I am a teacher and NOT part of the union. AEA is one of the worst.
  13. I am truely sorry to all. I am sorry that the unions have ruined the lives of so many. We members should all be taken out back and horse whipped.A lot of non union people sure don't like unions. I am so sorry, plese forgive us all. All we wanted was for us and our family's to have a better life. Thank you for showing me the way.
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    You nailed it.
  15. You are not a union member. Good for you. You do receive the same benefits as a union member. So for no charge you get the same benefits. Sounds like a handout to me. Isn't that what the liberals are known for. Give me, Give me. Kind of like a handout. Something for nothing. You showed them. You win. Other people will pay for you. you just reap the benifits. Sounds good to me.
  16. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Why do you have to compromise your politics if you join a union?? Do you all of a sudden turn into a union sheep when you join and blindly do what the union tells you to??

    I was in the union for 20 years and never voted how they told me to.

    No compromising of my politics.
  17. I just wish that everyone that is so proud to live in this great country of ours could wake up and open ur eyes!! Do any of you "union haters" realize where you live??? You, me, we all live in the greatest country on earth......otherwise known as the united (oh wait there it was the magic word) united now im going to say it one more time UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!! Yes that's right all of you union haters live right in middle of a union so please the next time any of you say God Bless America remember that and the next time any of you get a day off from work to go out enjoy some hunting or fishing (which is y we all even come to this site) remember and thank the unions that gave you the oppurtunity to have weekends where you are able to do so!! If you dont believe that comment about the weekends try doing a little reading on the history of unions and why the got started because if it wasnt for them none of us would ever be able to have a day off. Corporate America would walk all over everyone of us if you let them......anyhow sorry if my comments affended anyone but i am very pro-union and always will be. God Bless The UNITED States of America and this union where each and every one of you live!!!!!! And if you still hate unions and think they are not neccessary then hey there are plenty of other countries out there you could move your family to..........:flag:
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    True...........we wouldn't be having all our jobs going overseas!

    Unions are what broke GM, and this country. Unions are another form of Socialism.
  19. I agree with what you say about compromise. I don't allow anyone to manimulate how I vote. He sounded like a conservative that thought he couldn't be a union member and a republican. Not all union people are democrat..
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    First of all the comparison between united (a verb) and the union (a noun) is completely crazy! That doesnt even make sense. Everybody on here would probably agree that the union had a place and time, they did get fair wages and working conditions, but that was 50 years ago and not really needed anymore, they do nothing more than push their own interest. Nobody in this world should be paid $80.00/hr and lifetime insurance to put a screw in sheet metal, so yes overpaying and overcompensating employees did lead to the fall in Detroit.