Unapproved means of taking a deer.....

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by sprtsmn001, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. sprtsmn001

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    Well fellas, I was on my way home last night from Valentines Day shopping when I got me a nice one. The first time I've ever hit a deer while driving. She came out of nowhere and with this lady riding my butt I couldn't slam the breaks on. Poor deer never had a chance, nor did my truck :smack: . I went back to see if I could find her and found her dead in the ditch. I hit her right across from the AGFC on Hwy 89. How convenient.... Anybody know of a good body shop in the Conway/Little Rock area? I'm going to probably try to pay this one out of pocket instead of using insurance.
  2. John Stiles

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    Good Luck!($$$$):thumb:

  3. popgun

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    No offense, but you would be foolish to pay for it yourself instead of going through your insurance company.
    It would be filed under your comprehensive policy and will not count against you as an moving vehicle accident or rate increases.
  4. farmerjon

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    My dad hit one in a 2001 dodge two years ago. I found him a replacement bumper on Ebay for cheap and it looks good as new. But he got lucky because there was no body damage just the front bumper and plastic. I think I would let the insurance pay for it. Good luck with the repairs if you do it yourself.

  5. Buck

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    Farm Bureau waives the deductible on things like hitting deer. Or they always have mine.
  6. baker14d

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    I haven't had to do just a whole lot of body work but my buddy wasn't lookin and ran into hay forks he left up and then hit a post in the grass when we were at the lake and we have both had our repairs done with Body Works One in Conway. I'd be sure to tell them OEM or Aftermarker parts, some people like the original stuff and some don't mind aftermarket but I think they ask. I think they are one of the cheapest places in town too. If nothing else just get a few estimates most places do it the estimates for free.
  7. reflex1

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    Southside Body Shop in Jacksonville - east of J'ville on Military Road (State Road 294)
  8. Hillbillyhunter

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    Use the Insurance.. That's why you pay it.....I have hit 2 deer and used it both times...
  9. Bruin

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    Yep, use the insurance. We pay them all our lives. Let them pay for a change!
  10. Down on the White

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    If the damage is more than your deductable then us your insurance. I always do not have the chump change to do repairs. The only vehicle I pay for everthing out of pocket is my 89 four runner the rest has full coverage and I use it.
  11. sprtsmn001

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    Thanks for everyone's help. It sounds like I'm going to use my insurance and pray my rates don't go up. :thumb:
  12. Ginder75

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    Covered under "Acts of God" according to my insurance rep. I hit one on the way to a deer stand one morning. $1800 worth of damage to my truck and no ill effects to my insurance.

    So, let them pay for this one!
  13. Killa

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    Ron's Body Shop in Benton. They did a great job on my truck!!
  14. boonekiller

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    call bondo at 501-658-5533 tell him bubba sent ya
  15. SlickHead

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    trust me the Rates Cannot go Up I am in the Insurance business...
  16. JR

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    One of my co-workers got a doe this week with her vehicle. I reckon that they are moving and hearding back up. Several times this week I have seen deer in groups of 5-12 at a time.
  17. TheBattman

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    WRONG!!! At least if he has State Farm. A claim is a claim with them, regardless of the type of claim. Wife hit a deer back in November. Less than a month later, an idiot backed into her in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel. Officer did not assign blame, bu no damage was done to my Tahoe (the other driver dented his plastic bumper on my trailer ball!). He filed it on his insurance (Progressive), who then investigated via our insurance (State Farm). After all was said and done, our insurance said it was not my wife's fault, nor was there a payout fom our insurance.

    January brought a notice that State Farm was not renewing our policy after this quarter due to two claims.....

    Go figure.