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  1. xring

    xring Well-Known Member

    This recipe is simple,,and good!!

    Savory Chicken and long grain rice.

    Look on isle 12
    Locate Campbells soups
    Find the Campbells Microwavable varity
    Campbells Select "ONLY"
    look for above label
    Pay'em $1.96
    Bring home and follow instructions.
    Dang that stuff is good......
  2. Hilltop

    Hilltop Moderator-Muzzleloading

    Been told that Xring can make or fix just about anything one can imagine. We all know of X's legendary status as a rifleman and shooter. But a gourmet chef to boot............

    One question. Did you shoot the can before or after following instructions?

  3. xring

    xring Well-Known Member

    Hilltop, your first sentence causes me to blush! I'm certainly not above the ordinary in my abilitys with rifles or handguns,,,,but boy can I cook!!!

    You may should get into mind reading though, you may be physic or something,,the answer is after I ate the "danged good soup":thumb:

  4. Hilltop

    Hilltop Moderator-Muzzleloading

    It's that good huh??? But do they make it in "Hog Jowls and Black-eyed Peas" ?
  5. xring

    xring Well-Known Member

    THEY DON"T BUT,, SISTER DOES!!!!! :wink: :thumb: