ukc registered Red Bone hound 150 dollars

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  1. beaglesman

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    i got a red bone hound he is a year an half old he goes crazy over caged coon he went on about 8 hunts last winter. this hound is ukc registered i have a 6 generation certificate on him. he is a good lookin hound. he needs to go with some dogs that know what there doin. i got pics but cant get them uploaded if someone can help me out ill get em on here i want 150 for him i just want someone to hunt him u can call 479 883 7735 thanks
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  2. robertweems

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    red bone

    can you put pics on here?

  3. Pedigree

    Could you list the dogs in his pedigree.
  4. beaglesman

    beaglesman Well-Known Member

    i cant get the pics to down load if u will send me ur number ill send u some pics off my phone thanks
  5. beaglesman

    beaglesman Well-Known Member

    'pr' little red wood
    ch'pr'hank's ramblin red man
    grnitech'pr'hayes ramblin red zack
    'pr'ramblin red lady
    'pr'lando's ruftara bathsheba
    'pr'erwin's rock river big dan
    'pr'barney's red annie

    'pr'lonke's little reg girl
    deannadra's little man
    'pr'ham's big jake mc candles
    hams danniegirl
    'pr'gould's indian outlaw jessie
    grnitech ch'pr'hoyle creeks red rowdy
    nitech ch'pr'bomber's y2k-d
  6. beaglesman

    beaglesman Well-Known Member

    ill take 100 for him if any interest
  7. bradb026

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    i might take him off ur hands give me a call at 870 250 0337 name is brad
  8. beaglesman

    beaglesman Well-Known Member

    sold the dog thanks