ukc hunts

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  1. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    arkansas hunts
    12/29/2012 garner ar ukc and pkc hunts
    01/05/2013 - AR, Algoa; Algoa Cache River CHA

    01/05/2013 - AR, Clarksville; Clarksville CHA

    01/05/2013 - AR, Tull; Arkansas CH of Saline Co

    01/11/2013 - AR, Brookland; NE Arkansas Coon Club

    01/11/2013 - AR, Dover; Arkansas River Valley CHA

    01/11/2013 - AR, Stamps; Lafayette County Coonhunters

    01/12/2013 - AR, Conway; Faulkner Co CHA

    01/12/2013 - AR, Gill; East Arkansas CHA

    01/12/2013 - AR, Huntsville; Madison Co CH

    01/18/2013 - AR, Pea Ridge; Sugar Creek CHA

    01/18/2013 - AR, Reyno; Twin Rivers Coon Club

    01/19/2013 - AR, Horatio; Cossatot CHA

    01/26/2013 - AR, Hazen; Prairie Co CHC Inc
  2. jperkeydavis

    jperkeydavis Well-Known Member

    proud u put them on here

  3. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    guys this hazen club is a club that needs some help.they struggle down there to get enough dogs to pay for the hunts.good people,good hunting.lets go helpem out.
  4. j. english

    j. english Well-Known Member

    I would like to go as a spectator on a cast.. is this possible?
  5. mike Bennett

    mike Bennett Well-Known Member

    Tull really has a hard time also. Good people, just no support. Never many dogs, but a good spot to get a win.
  6. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    how far is tull from beebe mike?
  7. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    ukc and pkc 7pm tonight.garner arkansas 5012885263
  8. Chad Doolin

    Chad Doolin Well-Known Member

    Tull is about an hour and 15min from Beebe. Good hunting here and draws good crowds for PKC hunts not as many for UKC
  9. Jimbo1

    Jimbo1 Well-Known Member

    Are all these hunts night hunts?
  10. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    thanks chad,is this the old benton/bauxite club at the fire station?
  11. mike Bennett

    mike Bennett Well-Known Member

    Yes I think it is the same group of people but it has moved to the Community Center in Tull.