U.S. High Blood Pressure Definitions Revised

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by MSWING12, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. MSWING12

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  2. 1928

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    Everyone's life insurance just went up.
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  3. mk1848

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    Along with drug manufacturers’ revenues.
  4. tmeredith

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    This is probably the exact reason they changed the guidelines. I think doctors are more worried about making money for insurance and drug companies than they are about curing sick people.
  5. MSWING12

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    I get that part of the skepticism, but the studies proving the much reduced risks for health problems with lower blood pressure (130’s isn’t low in my opinion either) are legit.
  6. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Wait till we see how much our medical insurance premiums are going to go up in 2018. That'll probably raise blood pressures across the board...
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  7. MSWING12

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    Wouldn’t encouraging people to get their blood pressure in check earlier possibly prevent larger health care costs in the future? Not that insurance would charge us less regardless.
  8. Saltydog

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    With everyone trying to meet the new standards by getting on blood pressure meds..... the price of Viagra will go thru the roof. It will rise faster than its users! ;)
  9. tmeredith

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    Possibly could. Mostly though the drug companies will get to sell more meds and insurance companies will get to charge more people at a higher rate.
  10. stealthycat

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    it means people were misdiagnosed and mis-drugged for a very long time doesn't it ?

    that's why you have to understand that generic labeling and bar's and numbers is just that - generic, its why BMI is so flawed, one number or set of numbers cannot define everyone

    my blood pressure is a tick high - its who I am, how I am biologically, forever since I've been born
  11. stealthycat

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    High blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90

    massive mis-diagnosing for decades then, right ?
  12. NO.. If the standard was 140/90 then it was not a misdiagnosis..
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  13. stealthycat

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  14. And they may find out 25 years from now that 130/80 was not where we needed to be either.. With new studies/technologies/medicine, standards are always changing.. Maybe new technology involved or just how the study was conducted.. With modern medicine people are living longer and that in itself changes the norm.. Crap I grew up with Doctors who chain smoked in their exam rooms but now that has changed too..
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    I’ve been out of med school for 20 yrs now. I have quite a few pts in their 90s and have had a few reach 100. Usually they’re very thin and BPs are on the lower end. 90/60 isn’t uncommon in those pts. I think the data is confirming what a lot of us have suspected for years as far as people with low BP living longer on average.
    I do suspect that there is a difference between those thin people with naturally low BP and people who take meds to get their BP down. Most of my really old pts take minimal or no meds because they don’t have high BP, diabetes,or high cholesterol. I. suspect taking meds to control those conditions will not be as effective as staying skinny, not smoking, and having good genetics.
  16. Saltydog

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    Stealthy, you need to take a deep breath and relax about this or they'll have you on stage 2 meds now.....
    Then you're gonna start mixing up your all your meds and you'll end up being exiled to the waterfowl forum.... :D
  17. stealthycat

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    on the bright side, next year, they can change it again and make it 170/90 and everyone can be taken off their medications, right ?
  18. Saltydog

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    But then "Big Pharma" won't make any money.....
    Who will fund the 2018 midterms?
  19. Who are "these people"? Same ones that change their minds every few years about what we can eat that's good for you? Gonna get awful tired running every time they come i up with a new "fact." Saw a pamphlet by a PHD that confirmed that after much study he'd determined we all came from seaweed...
  20. Vern Humphrey

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    Pardon me while I gloat. My life insurance can't go up -- back when it was still legal, I bought two Variable Premium Life Insurance policies. That's a mutual fund disguised as life insurance. Like a mutual fund it makes money, and like life insurance, it's tax free. And if you want money, you "borrow" from yourself, at 0% interest.

    I put in $40K in 1985, and today it's worth $1.2 million.
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