U of A Pinetree land sold!!

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by B725, Jul 16, 2020.

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    Don’t know why that posted twice
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    Congress (state or national) will not have to approve this. UofA doesn't answer to congressional oversight and they own the land outright. They can do as they please.

    I could be wrong but if I am, I sure wish someone would show me the laws or statutes that apply.
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    "a deal to sale"...........I assume that was originally put out by the U? Higher education!!
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    You are correct. There was already a long thread about this a few days ago.
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    This is total misinformation other than there is a sale happening. I am not typing it all again, read the thread from a few days ago.
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    I have already expressed my concerns. I used to squirrel hunt Pine Tree quite a bit in my younger years, the bot flies got terrible there and I just gave up.
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    I have a video of Congressman Rick Crawford saying that agfc and the Arkansas nature conservancy have offered the U of A more money than what the private entity has yet they are still trying to purse the sale to make it private? Something just doesn’t add up.
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    ne ar
    If I understand Rick Crawford right they have to approve the sale because it was bought with federal tax money
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    It was deeded to the U of A from the forestry commission
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    This may explain your “Something just doesn’t add up” question, word on the street is this is who the private party who is getting the reduced price sale of the property over higher offers being made:

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    I think if someone owns land, no matter how it was acquired, they should be able to do whatever they want with it. That doesn’t change just because it’s a University. This is America
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    Screenshot_20200730-072002_Facebook.jpg Yeah but it starts getting shady even you see stuff like this and know they turned down millions of more dollars in a sale that would keep it open to the public.
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    That paragraph that starts with SUBJECT seems pretty plain to me.
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    Well you might want to become more informed on the subject or just in general.

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