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U of A Pine Tree Experimental Station WDA

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anybody ever hunted this area before and if so how do you access it from marion
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The easiest way is to take the Palestine exit off I-40. Turn north on that highway (can't remember the number), go to the 4-way stop sign & turn right. That road goes right through the middle of it. Or take the Wynne exit from I-40 & go north on Hwy 1 to Colt. Turn left on Hwy 306 to Pine Tree & it's on both sides of the Highway.
Depends on what you're wanting to hunt. Small game hunting is very good, deer hunting is good with a bow (gun & muzzleloader is permit only). Turkey hunting is for youth only. I have mostly just squirrell hunted there & I've never had any trouble limiting out. I've bow hunted it & have saw lots of deer there. There are some VERY nice bucks taken on there every year. I've heard the duck hunting is starting to get pretty good on there when the water's up but I've never duck hunted it YET.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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