two grade gyps

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  1. ssglasco

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    i have two grade gyps #1 is 7yr old walker brawl on track chop on tree. trees well just loss around tree. #2 gyp is a 1 1/2 yr. english red tick nice looking dog have not had her in the woods so cant tell you what she does. i do know she is not interested in cage coon make offer need to get gone i have to many dogs thanks. 479-738-7033 or
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    still have the 7 yr old? how much u take for her

  3. ssglasco

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    i still got her i would take 200.00 she trees thats cheap i got to many dogs she got two of my young dogs going i see your down by littlerock your about four hours from me i am nw.ark near huntsville i would take 100.00 for english gyp like i said she is green bouth dog are nice looking put together right dogs thanks
  4. ssglasco

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    7yr old dog is gone still got young dog