Twas the night before Christmas ( Style)

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  1. I was bored today and this is a lil early, but hopefully worth a chuckle:

    Twas the night before Christmas on the the AR Hunting forum,
    Huntbigbucs was awful bored and writing a silly poem,
    The active threads had all been checked,
    And the only member still blogging was ole Btech.
    This year has been active for,
    And a quick review of the highlights were to be met.
    We have had threads on deer dogs that run wild and free
    With no regards to the purple on the big oak tree.
    Just when Mr. C brings down the law upon those doggers,
    Bigfoot shows up and that thread just keeps getting longer.
    There has been a picture of a swamp monster from LA,
    Before you know it the photo will have come from a camera in Fairfield Bay.
    The moderators possum, .270, 10pointman and Sylamore,
    Still question why FB won’t pay them more.
    Then DirtyMax fires up a thread on killing small bucks,
    Probably because there are 20 threads on hunters not having any luck.
    Over at the waterfowl forum, they swarm in from the clouds,
    Robo ducks, 15 shells, painting dogs face, dressing like a metro, man they sure do get loud.
    But Shiftymcfive01 cranks out those cool looking lanyards,
    While some talk smack about woodies, he brings in a limit of those mallards.
    Of course most think that the AGFC is nuts,
    They hide all the turkeys and hold those back that want the big bucks.
    And now my poetry skills are like the first of November and in a rut,
    We must remember there are folks with funny names of FrogTacos, clawmute, bloody acorns and coonnutz.
    But they will never be able to look at their post count and smile,
    When compared to that of John Stiles.
    And so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and in final words before I depart,
    Watch out for arcountryboy at the Wynne Wal-Mart parking lot!
  2. That my friend...IS EXCELLENT!!! :fit: :thumb: :clap:

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark

    Man, the talent we have on this board... :fit:
  4. coonnutz

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    Oh my I am honered:clap:
  5. BUCKSHOT_106

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  6. Razoo97

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    heck yea....dat wuz gud :thumb:
  7. richter

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    Now that is funny
  8. :fit::fit::fit::clap::clap: job well done do we get another bed time story
  9. MojoMan

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  10. austincrutchfield

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    :clap::clap: great poem, i was glad to not see my name so atleast i no i dont have a funny name or get in trouble:fit:
  11. dirtdart

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    Reminds me of the days of Rattle.
  12. Rebel

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    I like it. You could have put me in there somewhere though. How about this?
    And Rebel sets at the keyboard eyeing the topic and wants to take action but just cant afford another 3 point infraction.:fit:
  13. BDW

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    I like it!!!
  14. John Stiles

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    Don't quit yer day job bro! That is a good one though. With guys like you, attending this forum; There won't be too many worries about boredom!:razz::fit::fit::fit:
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    Thats the best thing I have seen all year!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it.:fit: :clap::thumb:
  16. Rebel

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    And Arcountryboy was out catching some bass , next thing you know he was whooping some ...
  17. thomasw_lrd

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    That was very impressive.

    You've gotta love these boards.
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    very cool:thumb: