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Turkeys Gobbling

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Turkeys are gobbling every morning at my house right now. It is a great thing to listen to setting on the porch in the morning. But I'm afraid that they may not be gobbling this well come season. There was five big toms strutting in the field at my house the other morning.

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I think the AGFC should open the season alittle earlier.They get hard to call later on.
That's the way the AGFC wants it. All the turkeys have been done gobbling come turkey season for the past 5 years. They keep pushing back and shortening the season, and it makes the turkeys a heck of a lot harder to kill, because they are henned up, or are resting from the previous months of breeding.

The season used to start first week of April if not end of March and birds were alot easier to work...

It's been about as good as the duck hunting...

That should let you know something.
I heard 8 Sunday morning in southern MO. They start gobbling about this time every year and they are very killable the third week of April on in to May. The big difference, they have plenty of birds!
I saw about a half of a dozen or so this morning on the way to work. They were right next to the highway on the other side of the fence in a field.
Batcutman and I got into some action on Friday morning. He had his bow and I had the video camera. We got in close on a mixed flock of longbeards, jakes, and hens. The hens were very vocal, and the majority of the time one turkey gobbled until we hit them with some fighting purrs and 5 or 6 gobbled. In response to the fighting purrs, about 12 jakes and 3 longbeards came in looking for a challenge. After several long minutes, the turkeys began to cluck and becoming a little nervous. With just a umbrella bow blind concealing him the turkeys saw him when he drew his bow, and he passed on shooting a jake in favor of one of the longbeards walking away. He shot a little low and took off about 5 inches of one of his wing feathers and nothing else.

Needless to say, we were fired up after all that action. Kind of got me primed for some turkey hunting. The bad part of it was when I got home to watch the footage. I had some good footage, but something was wrong with my external microphone and the audio is a little muffled. You can barely hear us calling and it sounds like we are in a wind storm. I have got to get that problem solved pretty quick.

We did not have a clue how many turkeys were actually there until after he shot. They moved out into a field and there was probably around 50 turkeys total, with about 14 or 15 of those being longbeards. They were fighting and carrying on, so it won't be long they will split up.
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I have no problem with how game and fish is setting the seasons now. We were on gobbling birds from jump go last year. Couldn't really ask for anything else.....except maybe a longer season.
we heard lot of bird before youth season last year,
then they were tight lip ed. Glad to hear you guy are hearing some.::biggrin:
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