Turkey Season 2021

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  1. Remington

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    I'm not participating....

    This post......or "their" turkey season

    I still advocate that Jake's can breed......and until you prove otherwise....besides Mr. Collegeboys podcast mentioned it.....then I will always believe my real life data over an internet podcast.....
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  2. 44magnum

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    Yep, I heard some almost year around and while fishing along the river that’s not where and when I can hunt. I am referring to hunting times and huntable land I can legally access. Not at all unusual to hear one out of season.


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    Ugg. Maybe I'll just get a silencer for my shotgun like the guy in No Country for Old Men and hunt in March.
    I'll only kill 2, and I don't kill Jake's........
    They were gobbling their heads off in mid March!
  4. Onetrakd

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    I’m sure you won’t be the only one doing that.
  5. Kgood01b

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    It just doesn’t make sense for a gobbler to beat the fire out of jakes and run them off, if they couldn’t breed hens..but then again I’m no turkey scientist..and frankly wouldn’t want that title in the state of AR right now!!
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  6. longspurs

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    I've thought about this many times!
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    Where can I see the new regs? Is there a link? I don’t want to have to watch the entire AGFC meeting.
  8. brushcreek

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    5% of the time it works every time. And 70% of all statistics are made up.
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  9. spur

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    Maybe we need to go about it different and just shoot jakes for a couple of years.
  10. KemperCamper

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    I just don’t understand why the whole state has to open the same day. Why not stagger the opening day between South & North Arkansas ?????
    Clearly they don’t give a rat’s ass about hunters in Lower Arkansas.
    Not much fun hunting in 80 plus degree weather in late April & early May.
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  11. bigworm

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    So is the limit 1? Also, can we hunt afternoons or not?
  12. Hooked Spurs

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    I don’t think it’s going to make a drastic difference if we don’t have have dry nesting/brooding weather and reduce predator #s. We could shut season down for a couple of years and long term it’s not going to make much of a difference if we don’t have improvements with both the above.

    As far as the season dates, it’s not ideal but late season can be some really good hunting. I think it’s more about pressure than being a week later on the calendar. Poor hatches = less turkeys = less opportunities.

    It’s obviously not a popular opinion, but minus some habitat and predator control, the AGFC has limited influence over nesting/brooding success.
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  13. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    From what I’ve seen, looks like limit of 2, but limit of 1 per WMA. Afternoon hunting allowed. 1 turkey limit the first 7 days, bearded hens are not allowed. Youth hunters limited to 1 turkey on youth hunt.
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    TURKYKILER Active Member

    One bird per WMA should absolutely be a thing! I hope this is correct.
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  15. SwampCat

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    It is not like we havent had late season dates before. Been there, done that.

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  16. KemperCamper

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    It sucked then for those hunting Deep South Arkansas & it is gonna suck next year
    I think it’s time to start doing what some of my friends have been doing for years & hunt Rio’s in Texas if the Arkansas season is going to run into early May anyway.
    It is what it is !
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  17. blake101307

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    Well like always change a couple days or rules but no plan for better land habitat nor gates for walk in only areas. Same old song that has been around . Went to Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin this year all of those states are way ahead of Arkansas with that said they dont have any better terrain really so if things were managed better there isn't no reason why Arkansas shouldn't be covered in Turkey from 1 end to another. Personally the 1 in the evening thing I could deal with not idea but could deal with it. Need gates with no atv or motorized vehicle rules for Turkey season along with no calls allowed to be used before season. Tennessee does these things and seems to be working well.
  18. Hooked Spurs

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    Not arguing because I don’t hunt Deep South Arkansas, but on paper the Gulf Coastal Plain has faired very well as compared with the Ouachita region with late openings. I just don’t see there being a difference between the gobbling activity between the two.

    2013: (Opened April 19) Many GCP Counties outperformed those in Ouachitas.

    2014: (Opened April 19) same as above

    2015: (Opened April 19) Of 11,561 checked, GCP (26%) and Ouachitas (19%) of total harvest.

    2016: (Opened April 16) Of 11,864 checked, GCP (26%) and Ouachitas (18%) of total harvest.

    I don’t like to compare state harvests with so many variables between them, but from a geographic perspective there are a lot of turkeys killed in Alabama and Mississippi from mid April to the end of April, as well as other deep south states. I personally know some guys from South Arkansas that typically hear good gobbling late season. Obviously other factors affect the gobbling (weather, pressure, etc.) and it can vary year to year.
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  19. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    I definitely agree with the need for gates and limited access. There is way too much disturbance from motorized vehicles on roads that should not be driven down.
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