Turkey Permits have been drawn

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by dunnhead, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. dunnhead

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  2. Arkie_3_fan

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    My buddy told me last night that he'd been drawn. Guess that messes up our plans to go to MO though. :smack:

  3. factory909

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    I didnt get drawn eithier, but me and my ex-girlfriend got drawn for Felsenthal, so we will try down there. We still have the 2nd drawing this month.
  4. Manybeards

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    You are brave going somewhere with an ex-girlfriend that has a gun :eek:
  5. droptine150

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    i got mine second time in a row,yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa cut off creek my old stompin ground,i got the fever,its big bass and turkey hunting gota love it.:thumb: :cool:
  6. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    hahah, i never thought of it from that angle..