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8000 Turkey checked in in Arkansas is
Totally unacceptable..
Even in the Short Season..
Should be a Total of 1000 checked in each County that has Turkeys..At least..
That should total 10,000 at least. In Arkansas.

Quail gone,Ducks Gone..Woods Duck non existent..
Now The Turkey...
Something Needs to be Done know....

You can have podcast meetings. but until somebody actually steps up and starts doing something nothing will ever be done about our... Turkey population in Arkansas.

You and I know what it is..
The Game and fish.. Can't won't do anything about it.. they're up against the wall..
follow the money trail and I'll bet you find out what's really wrong with the Turkey population.
Timber Management on our wmas and our national forest is destroying are turkey Habit..
So we have 10 counties in Arkansas?

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So we have 10 counties in Arkansas?
At Least 10 Counties that should have 1000
Turkey checked in....Maybe more..

Arkansas has none....
Missouri checks 30,000?

Gaurntee.... their has been 1000 Killed in Stone County.... Probably 4-500 Checked in..

Game and Fish check system ain't working,.
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