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    Hey Guys,

    Our Hunting Club is offering 10 Turkey-Only memberships for the Spring Turkey season. Dues are $150. I've got 3 spots available.

    You only get to hunt turkey during the Spring season, but get access to the lease for 4-wheeler riding and such anytime outside Deer season. Wife and/or children are welcome. Also, as a Turkey member, your on the top of the waiting list for a full membership (deer, squirrel, turkey, coyote, etc.).

    We have 2,550 acres, and tons of turkeys. It's basic camping (tents or campers)...no running water, no electricity (unless you bring a generator). We do have a cook shack, and flush toilet outhouse.

    Lease is located about 15 miles South of Malvern. Hwy 222 borders the southern edge of our lease, and we are on the West side of Ridge Road. We have a natural gas pipeline that runs SW to NE through the lease.

    Send me a PM with your name and e-mail address and I'll answer questions and/or get you some more information and a map link showing the lease.

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    Ok, I got a few hits for some additional info.

    We currently have 42 members (capped at 44 not counting the Turkey-Only memberships) in the lease, but that's deer hunters. Yes, they could turkey hunt too, but only about a dozen turkey hunt, and of those only 4 or 5 are serious about it. I would guess opening weekend there might be 15 or so hunters. After that, I would figure no more than 10 hunting at any one time.

    We have a natural gas pipeline running SW to NE through the lease (about 1 to 1 1/2 miles long). We have several creeks with hardwoods along them, and a few areas of hardwood stands. There are a number of pine thickets and mature pines as well as several areas that have been recently cut. We don't have any problems with flooding. Occasionally a creek might get out of its banks, but that is rare.

    Here is a link to the map. All of the area shaded and that has lines through it is ours.


    The Blue line is the Gas Pipeline that runs through. It is 2 acres wide and about 2.5 miles long. We don't have the area in yellow anymore, so knock about a mile off the total for the pipeline.

    As far as I know, there were no turkey taken last year. That's from a lack of hunters, not lack of birds. During the deer season, I'd say at lease 90% of the guys said they had seen turkey while on their stands. I personally saw 13 cross the pipeline on one morning. Many times I would see anywhere from 2 to 8 birds per morning or evening hunt.


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    link does not work. am i doing something wrong???
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    Ham, it's not working for me.
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    2550 acres with the possiblity of 52 turkey hunter equals 49 acres per hunter, too tight for me
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    WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many hooters and cacklers!
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    True, there is a remote possibility possibility of 50 hunters, but realistically, I don't expect any more than 10 (15 at the absolute most, and probably no more than 7 or 8) hunting at any one time. We have 43 deer hunters in the club, but didn't have more than 20 hunting at any one time. I'd say 2/3's or more of the deer hunters don't even turkey hunt.

    We have a few spots available. Several people have previously expressed interest, so I was kind of holding spots for them. Well, as with most things, what people say is not what gennerally happens. I have four spots at present available with a possible fifth.

    We have a ton of turkey, and quite frankly, we need them thinned out.

    Send me a PM and we'll see about arranging a day/time to meet at the lease.

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    I would be interested in talking with you about this. Please email me at [email protected] if openings are still available. (sorry, seem to be unable to send PMs.)