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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by factory909, Jan 4, 2008.

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    My girlfriend and I are wanting to go out of state to do a little turkey hunting, and was wondering which would be the best to go. Non-resident license pricing is one of the top factors determining where we go. I was checking out Missouri, and the Mark Twain National Forest, but I believe the non-resident license is $175. Thanks for any input.
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    I can't wait that long!!! I'll be going to Aabama on March 15th for the first trip of the year. That's another thing you may want to consider (hunting somewhere when AR season is not in). That will increase your odds in both states.

  3. Tony Harris

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    Kansas runs into late May. Texas opens around April Fools.
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    OK usually opens about a week or so before us but their licenses will cost you about what MO will.
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    Check out the public lands in KS. You'll have to find one that not every Tom, Dick and Harry is on, but they are there and there are birds.

    Two birds for about $125.
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    Good advice. My wife and I went to Eastern Kansas last year and killed 4 birds in 2 days. We were hunting on private ground which cost us about $120 a day. We scheduled three days, but since we finished in two we didn't have to pay for the third day. I was going to use it to look at some public ground, but the weather didn't cooperate. A nasty storm came in early that morning so we headed out. Its a good thing that we did because they got some pretty bad tornadoes later that day.
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    Mississippi opens March 15th and a 7 day tag is $125.
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    TX lets you kill 4 of the bastages, and hell you can use a rifle if you get real mad.