TTCT #7 Der unendliche thread

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by carbonelement, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. TTCT #6 it will never end

    we went past the 50 mark. I have not been on in a few days. Sorry about that. Things around the house have been hectic to say the least. I had a lot to do in the short time I had off. But I am back now. I have to go back and read the last few pages of TTCT #5, lol.
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    Slacker! Lol. I dont even begin to keep up.

  3. Hobbshunter

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    I've been doing a few comparisions between the 8x30 Steiners I've been using and my new 8x42 Vortex's this evening. I am digging the Vortexes!!! No comparison!
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  5. I told you guys from now on I am going to block the thread when it gets to around 50 pages. Then start a new one. That way we don't give the server issues.
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  6. gents they worked my :censored: off today. Painting and doing lubes and all kinds of stuff like that.
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    Been hectic around the house huh..........You been crackin the whip? Lining the old lady out???:whip:
  8. :fit: no I wish. She needs it :hide:
  9. hey Alpha, Sandlot is TV right now. I love that movie. "your killing me smalls"
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    We've been at camp ridin wheelers and putting up a stand...
  11. Alpha

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    what channel?
  12. Alpha

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    Got to drive back home tho:thumb: NOBODY GOT HURT!!!!! But dad did say when the tire got a lil bit of the road that he was picking flowers:banghead:
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  14. abc family channel 180 if ya got dish
  15. TTCT #6 it will never end

    I got me a 6 in extension for my stabilizer. Man the difference is AMAZING. I was just got practice with it but now I plan on hunting with it on. I can't wait to sling an arrow at a deer. Buck or die first thing in range gets it unless there is a big buck right behind it.
  16. TTCT #6 it will never end

    If u guys don't start talkin I'm goin to bed.
  17. TTCT #6 it will never end

    Goodnight gents
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    Greeeeeeeeen Riverrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
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    I gotta ask a really dumb question.....What does TTCT #5 and TTCT#6 mean??:head: