Truck Tires..what do you like?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Cars' started by SR4, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. SR4

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    I need some new tires, but I never know what to buy or whats best. I have an 04 GMC Sierra excab 4wd. Last set I bought were cooper discoverers ATR I think and I'm pretty happy with them. Thinking I want something a little more aggressive like a cooper discoverer stt or maxxis bighorn. Out in the pasture in the winter I'm always spinning with just AT tires, so I figured with more aggressive I wont have as much trouble, but is it worth it vs on road handling etc. Just need some opinions before I shell out $800 or more.
  2. trashbag boogier

    trashbag boogier Well-Known Member

    I like tsl swampers. Or wild cats ext

  3. Bridgestone Dueler AT's for me. If I got in the mud more I'd get the Dueler MT's.
  4. I have been looking into the General Grabber AT2's. A little cheaper then the BF Goodrich's and seem to have the same good reviews.
  5. coonnutz

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    I've been running Buckshot Mudders for the last 6yrs/ 2 sets on my truck and have had good luck out of them, and get a decent amount of miles out of them before having to replace..
  6. jsilver919

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    depends on how much road use they'll get.....if its not a lot then prolly some buckshots.

    i have the mickey thompson MT's on my truck and i love em! worlds above the terra grappler but still are nice on the road.

    i have the same truck same size tires and i got mine for 850. very deep tread pattern so hopefully they last a LONG time. i've put 7k on them so far and they still look new minus the mud all over em
  7. mlw1969

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    bias ply buckshots or super swampers if you want a true mud tire.
  8. SR4

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    I'm probably 50/50 onroad and offroad. I want more bite offroad, but something that still does good on wet/dry pavement. Maybe I can't have both.
  9. arc3162

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    I run Discoverer STT's on my truck, have been for the last 6 months or so, do great in the mud and decent on the highway, a little howl to them running down the road but nothing too bad. If you want a little tamer then the Discover ST is a good tire as well.
  10. factory909

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    i really like my Yokohama Geolander AT's, great in the snow, rain, and light mud; there not loud on the road either. i believe i gave $125/tire for mine when was having a sale
  11. Da Duke

    Da Duke Well-Known Member

    I have had great success with Hankook. Good wear, grip and quietness. Not to mention the price was right.

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    I just put a set of Hankook Dynapro's AT on and really like them. Still have not gotten in any mud but they are fairly aggressive for a AT. Also like the Goodyear Wrangler AT Extreme.
  13. ishootducks

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    You might check on the Mastercraft courser ct's. I am running them now. They look a lot like the cooper stt and I think are even made by cooper just cheaper. I'm pleased so far.
  14. if the 04 has 17 inch rims, then you also will want to consider going to 285's, makes a big difference on a stock truck
  15. shotgun wg

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    I run grips on my truck the best mileage I ever got was with bridgestone dueler mt they pulled great only had one flat with them. They got round 60k miles on them. I also ran hancook mt with the lugs on the side hated them didn't pull worth a flip had to gun it to keep them cleaned out. Then they also only lasted like 6k before the sidewalks started to split. Mud kings are a good tire they pull pretty good clean out well and get around 40 to 45k out of them before replacing. My miles are 33% highway 45% turnrow 22% buckshot mud.
  16. daverhonda73

    daverhonda73 Well-Known Member

    305/70R17 Pro Comp Extreme A/T They have been on my truck (Ram 2500 4x4) for 4 years now and are doing a great job. A little more agressive than most A/T`s and it looks like they are going to last a long time. JMO Dave.
  17. dmentd99

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    I bought a set of General Grabber AT2s for my Toyota FJ. They had better ratings on Tirerack than the BF Goodrich ATKs and were a couple hundred bucks cheaper. I used them all season (I hunt zone 12 in S. Ark) and never had a concern with traction. They look really aggressive on the FJ too.
  18. SR4

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    It does have 17's on it. What difference will it make? Are you talking 285 in an AT tire or something else? I have considered going bigger, but only reason I had was I thought it might look better, but they're also higher priced. So, thats why I never went with the 285.
  19. SR4

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    I looked at the CT's today. Good looking tire and they were abit cheaper than the coopers.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Running the same on my 02 Z71........been pleased with them!! Don't know how many miles on em, but getting close to needing to replace them......