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  1. WillyB71

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    I am currently driving a nearly 15 yo 4WD pick up. It runs well, is low mileage for it's age (just under 100K), doesn't rattle, has no known mechanical issues, and will pull my boat or tractor with no problem.

    I recently looked at replacing it with a 2 yo low mileage truck, similarly equipped, and found that getting into a 2 year old updated truck, will cost me my truck & about $25-30K .

    I decided to drop about $3K in the old truck for some minor body work, aftermarket back up camera, & new rubber that I probably won't get back when I sell it. I am happy with this decision because I have always liked the old truck.

    As far as the economics go, I figure I'm way ahead driving it for another 3 or 4 years versus dropping that $25-30K, even though I prolly won't get my $$$ back when I sell it one day.


    When do you personally trade in an old car or truck that is in good shape, just to update it?


    PS - I don't have a wife to satisfy with a new ride, just me.
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  2. jackie53

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    Trade,Sell your Truck while its Running..
    Have owned Toyota ,Ford,Chevy and Dodge

    Currently own a Dodge..
    If I was buying again I would buy a GMC..
    In my opinion best on the Road.Truck and the Dealership taking care of ya...

  3. Jayepea

    Jayepea Well-Known Member

    I never trade. I'll keep one going as long as I can and when it's not worth fixing it's not worth trading. I buy base models brand new usually demos or loaners.
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  4. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    If it’s still running solidly and you’re happy driving it there’s zero chance I’d trade if it were me.
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  5. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    The only time I’ve traded trucks was when they were on their last leg. Sounds like you made the right decision, specially no more than you drive.
  6. ozarkthunder

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    I have only bought 2 new ones,(techncally one) rarely buy from dealers, work on them myself, and drive them until there is barely scrap price left in them. I have a 64 chevy i have owned 34 years, a jeep that i have owned 7 years, the one before it i owned 13 years, only sold it because it was rusting out badly, owned a trailblazer 8 years. Had our Explorer 4 years, seems new to us. I put no trust in dealers or trades.
  7. Most people hardly ever "NEED" a new truck. They "WANT" a new truck. Which is fine.
    I have an 11 year old Tundra that has 175Kish miles on it. I'll be content driving it a few more years. Even then, i probably won't "NEED" a new truck, but i'll "WANT" one.
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  8. WillyB71

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    Unless I’m hauling, towing, or hunting, I drive my 30mpg car, not my 15mpg truck. I got tired of wearing out expensive trucks & tires driving into town for a Walmart run.
  9. WillyB71

    WillyB71 Well-Known Member

    My 2006 Tundra was made in the Fall of 2005. My buddy has one just like it he parked last year with 525K on it, still running fine & not burning oil. He just got scared of it.
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  10. SwampCat

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    I have a wife with a little suv and my 4wd truck. I trade each one every four years - so I keep each for eight yrs. Finance for four years. Always have one payment. The longer you keep them, the leas they are worth. Age AND mileage. Always have a rig at most four years old. Keep one for fifteen years and you get nothing for it. No matter what you do - you lose
  11. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I’ve bought 7 new rides in the last 2.5 years don’t ask me :cool::D
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  12. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Going on 17 years with my 2001 Tacoma and could still probably get close to half what I gave for it back in 2003.
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  13. brushcreek

    brushcreek Well-Known Member

    Rarely disagree with you but have to here. Trading trucks every 4 years is how you lose. I have not had a truck payment in 12 years.
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  14. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    no - i have two vehicles. Buy one every eight years. Finance for four years. But i buy in alternating four yr periods so i keep each one for eight years - and when one is four years old, I buy a new one of the other one. So i always have a payment. But finance for four years - but keep each vehicle for eight years. Always have a vehicle no older than four years. But, I dont put a lot of miles on my vehicles - if I was puttin 20,000 miles a year on a vehicle - it wouldnt be able to swing it.
  15. brushcreek

    brushcreek Well-Known Member

    Well buying two vehicles will get ya too lol
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  16. SwampCat

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    But I dont ever buy two at one time. I bought a truck 2019. Finance for four years. Pay off in 2023 and keep it. Trade my wifes car, which will be eight years old in 2023 and but her a new vehicle and finance for four years. Mine is paid for during those four years I am financing hers. 2027, when my truck is 8 yrs old, and no payments in it for four years, I trade it - at the same time my wife’s car is paid for. Keep each vehicle for eight years - but never buying but one at a single time.
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  17. hillbillycycles

    hillbillycycles Well-Known Member

    I’m in a bit different boat. I use my own vehicle for work. The mileage allowance pays the payment, maintenance, tires, gas, etc. The only item that comes from the house budget is insurance. I’ll put 200,000 to 250,000 miles on one in 5-6 years but I have to have something reliable and half decent to take customers to lunch and stuff.
    I try to pay off as quickly as possible and bank my expense money while I have no payment. This stupid virus has put a dent in my bank account because I’ve not been traveling.
  18. stingerslinger

    stingerslinger Well-Known Member

    My last new truck was an 04 Ram 2500 4x4 diesel. It has 303,000 miles and still pretty good truck. Couple months ago I up graded to an 05 Ram 2500 4x4 diesel with 123,000 miles. Also picked up an 03 Tundra 4x4 with 143,000 miles, so I should be good to go for awhile.
  19. brushcreek

    brushcreek Well-Known Member

    Different strokes for different folks some say you are going to always have a car payment I say I’ll never have one.
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  20. Onetrakd

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    Car theft is a felony punishable by prison. But I say go for it...
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