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  1. bigbrown

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    I put on a rifled slug barrel on my mossberg 12 gauge 835 w a scope that was off my traditions muzzleloader. I took it to get bore sighted. Shot at 25 yards. Got it dialed in after 5 shots. Steped back 75 yards, missed target 2 times. Then got to 60 yards. Shot to the right about2 inches 1 shot and 2 inches to right and bout 4 inches high. Any suggestions b4 I buy more slugs at 13 $ a box. Can the scope not handle it. I think my muzzle loader kicked harder. Keep shootting. The scope mount is on the barrel. And scope almost touches mount on front and rear mount. Buy new scope?
  2. bslayer

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    ive had cheap $20 -$30 scopes work well on muzzle loaders, but wasted alot of slugs with cheap scopes on shot guns.

    not saying you have cheap scope, just saying that i think the recoil is different on a shotgun.

  3. jwalker

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    Nikon makes a nice one so does Simmons
  4. demented

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    It'll take a good scope to handle 12 ga recoil with slugs. A Nikon ProStaff would probably be about the lowest range I'd try.