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I get some pretty cool Christmas gifts from my son. This year he got me a Trijicon Accupin bow sight with the Accudial mount. I've been wanting one of these since I first saw them, but I couldn't justify spending half what my bow cost for a sight. Getting this thing set up was pretty simple. Get it mounted, dial it in at 20 yards using the range adjustment dial and then dial it in at 60 yards using the "transmission" adjustment knob and you're finished. Adjusting the 60 yard shots with the "transmission" gears the sight to "your" bow/arrow set-up. No tapes are required. The laser-etched dial is then accurate on any bow. It is a bit different putting the point of the triangle just under your target instead of putting your pin "over" your target, but I was confident enough to hunt with it after a three hour session of mounting it and sighting it in.

There are two mind blowing aspects to this sight:

First is the tritium illuminated pin. Having now used this on multiple sits, I can tell you that it's AWESOME! Low light is no longer a factor in pin visibility. My first sit with it I killed a doe right at last light. I took my shot when most hunters wouldn't be able to see their pins well enough to shoot, but that triangle was very visible. The next morning I got to my tree, attached my climber and climbed in the dark. By the time I started hauling my bow up my eyes were adjusted to the dark and I was a little surprised to see the soft green glow coming up with my bow. It's not overly bright, but when your eyes are adjusted to the dark you can see it very clearly.

Second is the improvement in accuracy. I've had a little time to practice with this sight and the fact that you use the point of the triangle and simply "point" to your intended impact point works really well. I've seen a huge increase in accuracy at both long range and hunting distances.

I'll admit to being a little worried about the eventual scenario where I have to make a hurried adjustment to the range dial, but I'll have to deal with that when the time comes. My top pin on my old sight was set at 25 yards and I used it out to 30 yards. I just keep the new sight set at 25 yards and there's no real difference there. I hope that if I am presented with a shot past 30 yards I'll have time to make the adjustment.

All things considered, this sight is phenomenal. The ONLY downside is the price. Other than being insanely expensive, it's perfect.
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