Trigger's first hunt

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Bryan Manning, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Bryan Manning

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    Well took the young dog this morning. Trigger is 10 months old and I usually don't take them this young but he won't make a field trial dog so he is going to start working in the rotation with the old girl. I know just a couple of spoonies and blue bills but I like to take my young dogs to the minnow ponds to get them started. Hope everybody is having a good season so far! Let's see some dog pics!
  2. mathews1012

    mathews1012 Well-Known Member

    Great looking dog. Here's Sterling's first and second. I didn't realize training and working a dog could get so addictive, but it's been fun and hope to get him on some better hunts.



  3. Stigall

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    That looks like a river hunt I was on last Saturday, Matthews.
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  4. Grinnel Slough

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    Wish I wasn't such a short shot on training up my dog. But here are birds 4,5,6,7. She turned one back in late November. [​IMG]
  5. SCDuck

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    Cooper's first hunt 10 months in Arkansas!
    photo (3).jpg
  6. bs3756

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    This is a last year pic. She had just turned 1

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  7. MojoMan

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    First Retrieve Last Week.. 11 months old


  8. Badbassn

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    Man that's awesome! I should be getting mine back from the trainer next month. I hope I get to hunt her this season
  9. GBacon

    GBacon Well-Known Member

    All good looking dogs there. Great hunting partners as well.
  10. Grinnel Slough

    Grinnel Slough Well-Known Member


    Few more memorable hunts. 1st green heads, and first limit.
  11. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    Our buddies wish two limits of teal and woodys, think they had more fun then us!

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  12. wood duck whacker

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    Nothin like huntin a pup when they put it all toghether and all the hard work pays off! Happened for me last week he just wouldn't give me a good pic though! Congrats!
  13. longridge

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    Remi 25 ducks and 7 geese.jpg Rocket 7 ducks.jpg

    I bought two Chesapeakes back in Feburary. One female and one male. Remi and Rocket. I have trained hard all year. Plan was that my cousins where going to hunt them but only one came through. Remi has picked up around 200 ducks and geese combined. This pic Remi picked up 25 ducks and 7 geese. My cousin said she marked a snow at around 300 yards and had no problem and once knocked down 7 greenheads in the decks and picked all of them up. She is a great marker and has an awsome nose. Only problem I did not get to see it. Rocket got shorthanded and my other cousin decided that he couldn't take him. Rocket has picked up around 70 ducks and geese combined. He is also a great dog but just dosn't get the opportunity as Remi does. I also trained both to fined deer horns and they are awesome at that two. I love the pics of the other dogs.
  14. MojoMan

    MojoMan Well-Known Member

    Great lookin Dogs Everybody!! :thumb:

    Wanted to Add one More, this is from Thursday, Rusty's second Hunt, His first Bird of the Morning... Was a little Hairy in the Timber with 40+ Winds, Definitely more Concerned about watching the Tree Tops than Birds on this Hunt, But It all Worked out and we were Successful!!.. I Think Hes gonna make a Good Pup Afterall!!

  15. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    This is Rooster. He is 11 months and doing well. We have been into the birds pretty thick so he has seen a lot of action.




  16. Joe blow

    Joe blow Well-Known Member

    Here's mine. This is his second season. [​IMG]
  17. TheGreatWhiteHunter

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    Rainey's 2nd hunt

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  18. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    Man those are some beautiful pics! Way good memories! What kind of camera where you using?
    The one of him looking at the camera needs to be in a print!