Trench Shooting

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    Has anyone heard of this?I was told that this is the way poachers use to kill alot of turkeys at one time.the poachers would use a pick or shovel to dig a trench.In which they would pour corn. Then position themselves pararell with the trench.poachers wait for the turkeys,kill 5 or 6 at a time.
    I think this is part of the reason you cant bait turkeys.The agfc thinks this makes it easier for the poacher.Turkeys are pretty dang smart, but apparently not about this sort of thing.
  2. Never heard of that. But Turkeys are not smart but can be trained to come to corn.
    I had a feeder that every morning within 5 minutes there was a flock of turkeys cleaning up corn after it went off.
    They would hear that sucker go off and here they would come.

    I beleive that is a reason for not allowing people to hunt in a baited area.

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    I have heard from some old guys they said back in the old days they would use old box springs from beds.They would put corn out and than in a cople of days put some bed springs out with corn under it and then they would step in the bed springs to eat the corn and get there feet stuck with there spurs:smack: would have 3 are 4 stuck in the same set of box springs.:eek:
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    The same thing can be said about deer,Maybe the're worried about the turkey population getting low.Too easy to kill them.
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    Turkey's in a box spring!?! HOLY COW! No that is illegal, but you know those turkeys were thinking OH SH*T, when those hunter walked up!
  6. I have never had such a predictable result with deer and corn. Them turkeys have always caught on to the feeders for me.
    Now a feeder and turkeys can make for some easy kills and NO I have never killed a turkey over corn . But I have seen the reaction that a corn feeder that goes off at the same time every day can do to turkeys.
    And to me the excitement of calling in gobbler is what I go for. It ain't the meat cause lord knows I would rather have a butterball. Turkeys are for the RUSH!:thumb:
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    Many years ago in Scott County, I walked up on a trot line about 30 feet long that was strung real tight between several trees. About every 18 inches was a drop line with treble hooks that was about 6-8 inches over the top of a thin row of corn that had been poured under the line. It had three turkeys caught with the hooks in their necks. All three were dead.

    It was easy to tell the corn bait had become effective in getting the turkeys in the position to get a hook in them.

    I was cruising timber and went on about my work. That evening, I reported what I had found to the local WO. He checked on it and found the corn and turkey feathers but the trot line was gone.

    Point is turkeys are easy to poach with corn or any other type of grain when they get use to it.
  8. I knew it was illegal to hunt turkeys over bait, but never knew they were that "baitable"
  9. I have a feeder in a little field next to the Middle Fork. Every evening in deer gun season on the days I was in my tower stand, several turkeys would show up on their way to roost. They would always peck around the feeder. They did this many times. They can get to conditioned to feed at a certain time/place.

    These are some that were headed to the feeder. They had just walked right under my stand. This is a cell phone photo and poor in quality.