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I have a Treing Walker Female who is almost 3yr. Old.
She was started nearly 2 yr ago, then we had a Baby and I got out of Coon Hunting. She is NOT REGISTERED, the Jerk I bought her from told me the Pup papers were on the way, then after they came in, he wanted another $300 for the papers after I paid him for her and brought her home as a puppy.

She is Texas Lotto bred (out of his last litter before being put down I'm told.)

She is bawl track, yoddle locate, chop tree..(2 yr ago).

I can't promise anything on her now, as she has been in the pen for some time. I would keep her and feed her, but my little girl keeps asking for "Beagle Puppies."

I pastor a Church/live in a parsonage, and do not need to start a Large kennel in the back yard. HA!

This is a Good looking female with lot's of energy and ready to go with someone who want's to hunt more than once every 2 years.

Price is $250 OBO

I'll try to take pictures in a day or two.

[email protected]
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