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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bayman1975, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. bayman1975

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    Which is more important to you when setting up your tree stand, being able to see the deer coming before they get in range, or using the tree for cover to aid in not being seen by the deer before you see them? Personally, I've found that I prefer the cover. If I'm pretty confident of the direction the deer will be traveling most of the time, I'll face my stand where I can see the direction where I expect the least travel. Thus, using the tree as cover. I can take an occassional peek in the direction behind me, and I can expect to hear the deer coming most of the time. I like to keep the deer from seeing me until they are in range. Then, with a little luck, it's too late for them.
  2. Mark Grady

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    I like to see them coming. I'm have a hard time sitting still so if I can see them I can settle myself down, That works pretty good for me,

  3. SR4

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    I prefer cover. I almost always hang my stands on the side away from where I believe they are traveling. And I prefer the biggest trees with the maximum amount of cover. Its not always possible, but if it is thats what I do.
  4. Juice

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    I agree about the cover. My stands are usually put where the cover is the best, no specific height, each setup is different. Wind is the key of course.
  5. bayman1975

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    You and I think alike.
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  7. woodsnwater

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  8. as a new hunter I prefer to be able to see them coming. I need time getting ready and calming myself. My stands are in good cover, too, tho.
  9. great late season tactic

    when trees are bare you have do something to conceal yourself....I also consider where the sun/shadows will be as not to be blinded by the sun or highlighted by its rays..
  10. dartonmav60

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    I climb high,wind is more important than cover.I refuse to hunt a stand without a favorable wind.With that said i got busted this yr twice by good bucks that came in behind me on a wind that i thought was good.It's a crap shoot!
  11. Rebel

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    I like to see them coming but I wont put up a stand unless it has good cover.
  12. JohnnieWalker

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    I prefer cover if it's available. But I'll tell ya. Sometimes the best cover you can have is being down wind of 'em. I don't care how much cover a tree offers, I'll climb a telephone pole if the wind is better.

    I've been busted by more noses than eyes. That's a fact!
  13. Hobbshunter

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    I hang my stand so the expected shot is about 90 degree to my left. I'm right handed, so this gives me the most lee-way of being able to set up the shot without moving much.

    So it's about 50/50 whether the deer is approaching from in front or behind me. Either way, I'll take it as long as they're coming.

    I dont seem to have as much trouble being seen in trees as a lot of folks seem have. I often hunt the low side of a ridge so my scent is blowing out over a holler, and it's not unusual for the deer to be eye level. I think this may work for me because, since I'm low, I'm not skylined. Plus, I really try not to overhunt a stand.
  14. bottmhtr

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    Cover, all things being equal. I like haveing treees and bracnches all around me. Cut holes to shoot thru. Beinglazy and in tree this fall without much cover cost me a shot at a nice mature buck. Saw me and spooked. And i hadn't moved a bit, that sucker looked up and didn't like what he was seeing.
  15. Nuge Fan

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    cover, in my bow stands, I don't want to see them coming from too far away. I'll get too worked up.
  16. BTC

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    I like the trail or expected approach to be on my left. I try to find the best tree that offers the most concealment and no closer than 15-20 yds from the trail. Im really picky and sometimes I spend way too much time trying to pick the right tree.

    Its not an exact science. I have had beautiful setups that never produced anything and then other ones that were very good even though I didnt feel that great about them at the time.
  17. hortonhunter

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    See'em coming :up: I hate it when one just shows up unexpectedly :fit: and I cant settle down soon enuff Exactly what makes hunting such a great sport
  18. SR4

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    I like to set it up so that its on my left also.:thumb: And agree on the range. I try to keep it in the 15-20 yard range.