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    Wanted to brag a little on my pup "Timber". This is my first tree dog, ive had running dogs most of my life and always wanted a good squirrel/coon dog. I got him after last Christmas and began taking him on walks in the woods and letting him track/tree hides. He hunts great and barks good at the tree, doesnt range too far but definitely wont be under your feet. He absolutely hates the tree vermins, jumps on em immediately when they hit the ground even if they are still alive. Still has a lot of learning to do, but Im proud of him so far.The darker Mt Cur in the pics is my buddy's dog (they are 1/2 brothers). There's not an abundance of squirrels around the house, and the few there are seem to hang close to a den tree but ive managed to kill a few each time out.
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    Great pics thats some good size coon. tell me a little more about your dogs.
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    Fine looking dog you have there. Sounds like he is headed in the right direction. Keep us posted on his progress :thumb:
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    Looks like you are going to have some good times with that dog, if he is already doing that good as a pup.
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    Good pics, looks like you guys are having some great hunts and a lot of fun. :up:

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    Awsome congrats. Nice looking dogs. :up:
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    Thats a good looking mtn cur wish mine would have some brindle pups.The litter my male was out of was over half brindle pups.But every litter Ive raised been yellow/white.Keep that pup in the woods and good huntin.

    Heres my huntin buddies
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    The brindle in is a mutt that came to the house my grandbaby name him cutey pie LOL.
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