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Resident Trapper Permit

Entitles the holder of a resident hunting license to trap any furbearing animals. A Resident Trapper Permit is not necessary to HUNT furbearers. Permits expire June 30 annually. The permit is free and is available online or by calling (800) 364-GAME, ext. 6359.

Those wishing to trap fox and coyote for sale as live animals must have a Resident or Non-Resident Trapper Permit, a hunting license, and a $25 Live Fox and Coyote Permit, which can be obtained from the Licensing Division in Little Rock (800) 364-4263.

Go here:

Follow the online instructions through to the end...the Trapper's Permit is free and will be mailed to you but you can print out the receipt and it will be valid
along with your hunting license until your permit arrives via snail mail...

FYI, when you buy your hunting license next year remember to ask for it or make sure it is checked if buying online..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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