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Trap Selection?

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What are the best traps and/or size for coyotes and bobcats?
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I seen this really start a debate on another site, any where from 1.75 coils up to, MB 650s, and #4s.
However the MB 650s and #4s are to big for land sets in AR.
If yotes and cats is all you are going to catch I think #3s would be good, but if you are going to have the chance to catch fox and coon in them the #3s would be to strong, and you would lose a number of critters with broken legs.
I have been using only 1.5 dukes, with good results on Coon, fox and cats but am planning on getting some new traps next year and think I am going to go with #2 Bridger offsets. Have missed several critters that worked my set but just missed the sweet spot, hope the larger trap will help solve this.
Just my thoughs, hope it helps.
For coyotes and cats I love four coiled #3's. They will hold what steps in them with very few if any pullouts, I can not say that about a two coiled trap of any make. My personal favorite is the Jake trap but they are very expensive.
For strictly coyote/bobcat 1.75's to no.2's would be just fine I think. Thats what I use though I dont trap for coyotes but do catch them occasionally...d2
i appreciate the input now where would be the best place to buy some traps
Foothold traps must be smooth-jawed.
Foothold traps on land must have a jaw spread no greater than 6 inches (measured from the inside edge at the dog).
Foothold traps in water sets must have a jaw spread no greater than 81/2 inches (measured from the inside edge at the dog).
bridger # 3 has 6 1/2'' jaw spread so it can't be used for land set--#2 has 5 7/8'' so offset is legal for land set--for non trapper some of these can be a head scratcher
MB 650s are legal in Arkansas if you get the inside laminated and offset trap. They have a 5 3/4" inside jaw spread.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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