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I have had these traps for about four years...used em the first year i had them and they have been hanging in the barn ever since.
the place i got them from told me to just spray paint them because i was in a hurry to put them out, so thats what i did.
my son and i cought several fox, coons, possums and i guess it worked although never cought a cat or a yote,
which was my intended target.
anyway they are rusty now and i have the urge to set them out again.
i knocked all the rust off with a wire brush and wasn't sure if i should paint them again or try some sort of dip.
i have turkeys on my lease, which is uncommon where i live, and would like to get rid of some cats and yotes.
any help would be appreciated...comments, instruction, tips... any sort of knowledge would help.

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DIY Trap Dip

Go to Home Depot or Lowes or anywhere you can buy "Exterior Latex" water-based paint...

Choose a subdued flat color to your liking and have it mixed...I bought a gallon for about $19

Cut that with 2 or 3 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket and dip your traps once or twice or whatever
it takes to get the coating you desire...

It dries pretty quick on a 50+ degree day in a light breeze and is pretty much ready to use the next day...
I've found that multiple dips can be done about 30 minutes apart...

On a hot summer day you can do multiple dips about 10 minutes apart...

It also cleans up with soap and water...AND strips easily after soaking in a vinegar bath

Also, I set my traps before dipping, it not only coats the inside of the jaws but also keeps the notch and dog'
clean in the process...once it is dry, fire it off a couple of times and it's ready to go...

Seems to wear about as well as any other dip or dye process in this acidic/tannin water we have here in Arkansas

The only process I've seen better is to dye and wax but that is an all day affair...
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