transom saver mounting

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  1. factory909

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    im tired of my transom saver!!! i dont have the roller or even a place to put a roller, just a hollow round shaft coming out of the trailor frame centered up. ...well the way its rigged right now is i have a dowel rod in my transom saver and then i just stick it in the hollow round shaft, and bungee it bounced out again...this time totally screwing the transom saver i need a new one, but something more dependable...would a ratchet strap help? i had to haul my boat and motor from rainey brake to batesville today (first for me), i cant stand the motor bouncing and then slamming back down on the transom :frown: the bungee helped a little bit...what kind of setup are you using?
  2. John Stiles

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    Maybe make one outta a long shock absorber?:head:

  3. flintknapper

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    My antique transom savor has a cast aluminum bracket on the trailer. The bracket has a square protrusion that sticks up at an angle, and the square aluminum tubing of the transom saver slides over the square part, and is secured with a clevis pin.

    I've had this one for over 20 years and never had a complaint. I'm sure you could rig something similar.
  4. factory909

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    i ordered a new one from ebay that has a bracket and a clevis pin...looks like this may fix my problem.