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Training squirrel dog pups?

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I have 2 13 week old Mt Cur pups that are litter mates. My plan was to start getting them out in the woods in January (the will be around 17 weeks). I was going to take them both out a couple time together to play around then start taking them with their mother who is a finished dog. I have read other places that I should only work on one pup at a time. What are your opinions on this. It will be hard for me to get both of them in the woods as much as they need to if I only take one at a time. I have 0 concerns that their mother will jump on them for getting in the way while she is hunting. Thanks.
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I raised a male and a female feist together .The Male did good and started around 7 month old finsh out good around 22 months old .The female run around and watch the male and sort of treed when he treed but never treed her on squirrel untill i sold the male .I had given up on the female and just started leaving her loose to run free during the day .I come home one day and a squirrel run out of the yard and she treed it .I kill it and she took off from there and went on to make a good dog .I tell you this because after 5 month old I would not hunt them together any more for reason stated above. Good luck
Curs aren't like hounds and don't carry the pack mentality in order to work. Hunting them separate would be ideal but a few times together wouldn't hurt
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