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Hey guys, I got an old F&L Electronics tracking system. It is a good one that I have used for years but am looking to upgrade. It is a FL 10, 216. frequency. I have five Johnson collars with it. Three are good collars, one needs batteries replaced and the fifth one has very little usage but is kinda hard to pick up. It has been that way since it was new. It works but is hard to tune. One of the three good ones is cracked but it is one of the ones I use the most and works great.

So basically, it is a three collar system as is or a five collar system with a little up keep. I would like to get $350 for it. Reason for selling is I am down to owning one or two dogs and don't need this many collars and would like to upgrade to a Garmin. I am located in Glenwood, about twenty minutes west of Hot Springs and my number is (870)223-3844. Jamie.

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