Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumper and GMC Weathertech Liners

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    Juts in time for Christmas! I have a couple of items I would like to pass on for my favorite "f" word price - free!

    Rear chrome bumper from 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Has a few minor hickeys on the driver's side but still very serviceable for someone that has one bent up. No mounts, braces, or plastic pads, bumper only. I think it will fit 2005-2013 trucks.

    Weathertech liner for the front seats from a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500. Coca dune in color. For full disclosure, I could never get the passenger side to fit correctly so Weathertech replaced them. I think they will fit 2014-2017 trucks with front bucket seats and center console.

    I prefer pickup and live just north of Beebe off Hwy 31. Text me at 501-288-6271 for more information or to schedule a pickup.

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    I txt ya bout the floor mats i’ll take em if ya still got em