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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by firehunter, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. firehunter

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    Who in the area of SW Arkansas makes a quality tower stand? Just looking for the frame. I will finish it out myself. Location and number???
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  3. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    this came up a few weeks back about a stand to bow hunt out of. And theres a man in Sheridan that builds stands from 8 to 12 ft for 240 for a 4x6 his name and number is in that thread. they are very nice stands I have 3 of them ill go back and see if i can find name and number for you. they are just a little way from allen brothers and about 100$ cheaper
  4. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    Danny (870) 917-8140
    here is his name and number. The other thread title is box stand for bow hunting if you want to check that thread out for any other info
  5. outdoorartist

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    They make them but they are more expensive there. I have'nt bought from them but if the price is the same as what they have on the website you can get them about 200 bucks cheaper.
  6. hogkilla

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    The guy in Prattsville builds a good one
  7. Member called 9 TOES in Ashdown make a great stand.
  8. 9 toes

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    I dont see how! I build stands and i have $208 in just the tubing for a 4x6x10'.
  9. crackshot82

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    Bradly schools FFA makes and sells some every year. Looks like good stands. Don't know the price but have a freind that bought one and loves it.
  10. Nomosendero

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    I don't either. They show a 4x4x16' for $330.00, I don't see any way to make that for 130.00