Tornado kills at least 3 in NW Arkansas ..

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by D33RHUNT3R, Dec 31, 2010.

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    just spoke w/ a girl that was in her basement since 5 this morning, she was about 4 mile away from Cincinnati, says it looks like a bomb went off, much of town destroyed.

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    Just talked with My Family .. They were friends with the fellow that was killed while He was out milking his cows this morning, My step mother went to school with him..

    Update: 5 more in critical condtion at Springdale hospital..
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    Does anyone know of how we can donate to these people, or anything they might need?
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    The Red Cross... They also have a staging center setup at the church at the edge of town wher you can drop stuff off..We just got back about 30 mins ago... its pretty bad..
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    Thats a bad deal. I was out thru there today and saw it first hand. Lots of destruction. Also saw where it hit a house on 16 near wedington and some trees snapped in half inside wedington. Also one of those huge power poles in the highline was pushed over. Saw a couple houses on Robinson Rd with the roofs ripped off and alot of other damage all thru that area. Cinncinnati looked like an explosion went off. I feel so bad for those folks. I can't imagine what that must be like. Prayers for all involved.
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    Prayers to all those effected by this storm. That first pic shows something that amazes me each time one of these storms devastates and area. Look at the house in the background, untouched, no damage noticed, while 100-150 yards in front, total destruction.

    You hate to see folks starting the new year having to rebuild their entire lives.