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    Well I see a lot of people getting on here to rant a little bit so I figure wth??:biggrin: I've hunted everyday for the past week in the same area. We've either killed our limit or been a mallard or two shy up until yesterday. We have been killing our trash ducks early with a few mallards and then just waiting around until late and killing the rest of our big ducks. I'm not naive and I know that you are going to have shot chasers after a couple of days of shooting but Friday morning we killed our last duck for the limit at 11:58 and were walking out a little bit after 12:00 back to the boats. We rounded the first bend headed back to the ramp and a couple kids were headed right up to where we just pulled out with gps in hand. Of course all of our crew knew what was going on and figured that we would have company the next morning. So I'm back in the hole shortly after 4:00 the next morning Q-Beam in hand with decoys out when the "topwaters" pull up. I shine repeatedly but they set up within 100 yards. (On the upwind side :fit::fit:) No one in my crew ranted or raved, we just figured we'd let them be (wouldn't do any good to make a scene out in the woods). Close to shooting hours another group moved in on the upwind side of them and we listened to a yelling and cussing match that was actually quite entertaining. :clap: It was clear on Saturday so ducks started flying pretty early. We were having big wads of teal and gadwall fall into the decoys as early as 6:15 with shooting time about 6:45. At 6:25 the "topwaters" started volleying on teal and were completely out of shells by legal shooting time. We know this because being downwind you could hear every word they said. When it got to be 6:45 we shot our 2 trash ducks apiece and hung the guns back up waiting on mallards. We heard one of the "topwaters" crank up and take off back towards the ramp. This was pretty odd seeing as the rest of them were still over by all of their flip flappers and other circus decoys. Anyhow we sit around and kill a few mallards during a spell of about 30 minutes and then the lone ranger returns to the rest of his group with about a case of shells. When they all got some more shells from the truck they went right back to shooting at anything within 75 yards (swing ducks, wood ducks, and maybe even blackbirds for all I know). This made it impossible to work a duck as they also deemed it necessary to blow their little duck calls that sounded like a mixture of a backwater mallard/duck commander/crow call at any duck they saw wether it was trying to fall into our decoys or not (no common courtesy). We sit around until about 10:30 and realize that it wasn't going to be possible to kill our mallards with the circus beside us so we just started shooting all of the trash that we had swimming around in and buzzing the decoys and finished up our 6 man limit a little before 12:00. It was a funny looking limit with 30 teal and 6 mallards but it was about all we could do with those circumstances.

    I'm usually one to mind my own business about a lot of things but if I would have had a warden on speed dial I would have certainly given him a call. The "topwaters" were out of shells before shooting hours and rolled out to get even more. If you can't kill 6 ducks with a box of shells you don't need to be duck hunting you need to be shooting skeet somewhere. I'm sure this type of stuff happens a lot but I don't suppose I've ever watched it from less than a 100 yards. This morning they got beat to every hole anywhere in that area as we had a man with a Q-beam and a single decoy standing in every one of them by the time they got their little mud motors up there...:fit: Anyhow I just wanted to have my little rant on here because I usually enjoy reading other folks rants about different things.

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    I thought you did have a warden on speed dial? Keep this on the dl, but we just got every new duck in the world in this morning. You know the spot. Red legs shinning! Flying into the robos! Actually "in to" the robos. Broke 7 of the 12 we had set out. They were knockin the wing nuts off. I killed one with a #2 and the rest i just swung the gun like back in our bp days at uca and clobberin their fuzzy little green heads! I did miss one cause he pulled the duece on me. Shouldnt have swung in the first place at him. But they were workin fastball, middle in the rest of the time. So you know how that ended up! It was biblical!
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    Last week we had set up in a hole about 300 yards off the main river channel in a tiny hole. Someone was in the big river hole already. At one point we had a green head come in our hole but noticed a group of 200-250 mallards working the river hole so we didn't even pull the trigger. Watching that many ducks go into a hole is worth letting a single go b/c if we woulda shot it would have most definitely spooked the big group.

    Sucks if you have to set up close to someone. If you must, show some respect. Sorry to hear about your "bad" (lol right) hunt Molly!
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    Good ole Felsenthal

    Haven't hunted there in 10 yrs. But I remember the drill. Shallow lake looked like you could walk across the boats. Too bad the idiots running the show have the water as low as it is. Around 68.5 and a good boat ride = dead hacker heads!! Been hunting NEA public this year and the last several, lots of the same problems up here too.
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    If they'd give us just 66 feet or 66.5 it would spread some folks out. It would also make it a lot safer running a boat around down there. Doesn't make sense to me that they have the gates open to keep from killing anymore of the trees?? They are already dead, foot and a half of water isn't killing anymore of what is still alive. I don't see the logic but oh well. We've had a good year as far as #'s but the weekends are just a headache. I'm sure with little water across the state it's that way everywhere.