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Gosh I love this rifle. 42" Long Hammock barrel in .50, clover leaf at 25 yards off-hand (well, leaning against the truck). I shot 12 rounds in all, did I mention that I love this rifle?

Tomorrow I'll be taking out the Jackie Brown smoothbore, it's 20 gauge (.62). I'll be shooting roundball tomorrow, haven't tried that with this gun yet. I shoot .600 balls from a TVM Fowler and get very good hunting groups at 25 yards, am interested in seeing what I can do with the longer sight radius of the Jackie Brown. Probably won't be a lot of difference.:biggrin:

I may also take a percussion gun or two out, I'm refinishing the stock of a Renegade right now, planning to add some brass tacks to this'n, oughta be fun-ugly. It's a .40. I plan to use it for squirrel, coyote, and hogs, but may also try it on a deer this fall.

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