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  1. Interested in buying a tohatsu mega, what makes these motors bad a$$. Do they hold there resale value? Are parts hard to get ? If the motor has been rebuilt can they be rebuilt again? I know very little about these motors, any help would be appreciated!!!!
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    Welcome! You must be one of those boat racers!:cool:

  3. Negitive son, I have a 42" bottom & want alittle more power than a 25 hp!! I wouldn't hunt down there if u told me I could have a 15" ( u know what) just trying to get a little info on something I know little about. So if your trying to get me excited go waste your time on another thread!!!! Thanks for your help!!
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    If you arent trying to get under a hp restriction you could prolly find a 40 for cheaper than you could buy a mega. just realized thats not really what you asked, just a thought.
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    Here is my limited knowledge on the subject. In the early 90s (93-94 I think) there were some Tohatsu motors imported in to Lousiana. They were 40 hp[ motors that were restricted at the factory to 25s. It is real easy to remove the factory restriction and turn it into a 40hp with a 25hp serial number. There were only 150 or something like that imported. There are MANY fakes out there. REAL megas bring lots of money. Even the fake ones do pretty well.

    Somebody step in and correct me if im wrong on any of this.
  6. Thanks Ryan, great info!!! Is there a way too tell if it's a fake or not?
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    close enough.

    It depends on what the MEGA is being "faked" from. The fakes are being made from a Tohatsu M40D, some are building from the M50D. That motor was produced for many years with different features. If your finding late model features then its not an original MEGA. Numbers on the different parts of the motor matching up might be another way, but not a difficult thing to make right. Otherwise it is difficult to tell. The ID tag on the side of the motor is easy to come by, just ask around.

    Do a search here and on the fu(d)ge, plenty of noise over the last couple years on the motors true origins, who the primary person responsible for its importation was, and clues that give the fakes away.

    Most usable info is in the first couple of posts, turns into a pizz'n match after that.
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    Nah son, not tryin to get ya excited its just the only time I ever heard of these motors the conversation was about racing at the meto. Myself, I wouldnt go near that circus either! That does sound like one heck of a motor,good luck!
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    I dont think thats entirely true... I think there was somthing like 350 imported from japan, and they truly are 25's but can easily be modded with 40hp and 50hp carbs... Along with numerous other things... Thats just a little.. Although im not really sure.. I think this to be correct tho.. Yes you can get parts for them... And yes the parts are probably super expensive... And yes im pretty sure a rebuilt motor can be rebuilt
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    Actually Nissan/Tohatsu parts are readily available and comparatively speaking most often cheaper than other makes. If you ask a parts dealer for M25D parts they won't find any, but the M40D are the same. The motor was actually 25 horse ............... for that first day it was out of the crate ................. that minute before the "choke" that was put on a M40D powerhead was removed. As I understand it, the first batch required you to only dig down to the reed plate, the second batch required you to get to the exhaust tube. Other than its factory placed restrictions, it is an M40D.

    The number that were produced and imported is really not important, there are far more of them in existance today than were produced and crated for our shores.
  11. Thanks for all the helpful info!!!! The plate on the side of the motor reads m25d and the block #'s match the serial #. whats the going price for 1?

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    last time i looked, there were 2 on craigslist for sale........
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    that was interesting to read , I've never heard of those before , but I can see how those would be desirable in an area that had H.P. limits, for those that wanted to " race each other" I can remeber when people did things like that with bass boats back in the 70's 80's with the old straight six Merc.s
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    I hear there's not many 40's that will touch one, done right, but I really don't know that much about them just hearsay
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    When the Coon Rear South LA master of all worlds outboard motor championships and self-proclaimed only person to ever win a boat race and all time world outboard record holder yadda yadda got these things started, he stated that there were 168 total imported to Lake Area Marine in LA and all were 1993 models. No tellin how much money he has socked away from Arkansan's buyin into his hype and buyin up all his buddies trashed motors. Basically a corroded motor worth $800 that all of the sudden goes for 3k thanks to the internet but yea they're easily and cheaply converted to an M50D. Give him a call, he somehow always has a friend that has a nice Mega thats possibly for sale.