to sum this up.....

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    ACC officials suck :censored: is holding not called in their conference? how many blocks in the back did they not call on them? I would schedule acc teams for the noncon schedule just so i could kick the crap outta them.

    willy sucks. somebody made adjustments at the half, but i doubt it was him. i hope he gets a job somewhere else.

    bobby p's play calling was suspect from the get go. a pass play on 4th and nothing? absolutely horrendous. something a nutt would do, oh wait, he did. how many times did he run straight at heyward?

    our o-line sucked. hard to hit a developing play while running for your life. can anybody block?

    receivers dropped way too many passes. give me a couple more completions, and we win by AT LEAST 9. also, saw alot of lazy ass route running.

    bright spot? Hocker i guess.

    we were not prepared for this game. came out flat and ran out of time. we played like crap, and they played lights out, and still only beat us by 5. my rant is over for now. i hope the NCAA is happy now that they have been made the big 10's bitches. peace out. i gotta get on ebay and bid on pryors MVP trophy, and see what the reserve is on the sugar bowl trophy. heard he was gonna sell his jock strap too, but dr lou snatched it up to hold his cpap mask on...........

    yes i am bitter right now...............
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    Why dont you tell us how you really feel. If they had a different QB, we would have won. That guy made some yards.

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    But I know ya got some more brother....just let it all out. :biggrin:

    Wonder if Pryor and the other 4 thugs will conveniently forget about their pledge now? If there ever was one.
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    X2 Sounds like I watched the same game but I think I'm taking it a little better.

    And what about when Pryor threw into three razorbacks and they knocked it out of each others hands?
  5. yep, that sums up the lot.... :banghead:
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    If Joe Adams would have been more concerned with catching the ball than trash talking and trying to fight somebody we might have won that game. Every game I watched this year he would jump up after a play and get in somebodies face. I would have benched his rear. Couldn't have done any worse.
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    Don't worry the trophy will be "for sale" on Bourbon Street tonight.

    Our o line couldn't stand ground!

    A football is made to CATCH

    Or RUN with a minute left?

    It was a good football game and they all end after 60 minutes. We weren't on top. Life goes on!

    Here's to next year! :thumb:
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    I'll add one thing to this... How in the heck do Heyward and Pryor not get at least one or two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Heck, they even call that mess in the WWE, I mean NFL.
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    i think arkansas might have stayed on bourbon street too late last night.
  10. headhunter_60

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    or the fumble they recovered for a TD or the blocked punt that should have been picked up and ran in for the win......
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    They were not ready to play ball last night. That was ridiculous.....and embarrassing.
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    I hate bowl games. It has been like 38 days since the razorbacks played. I am not sure that some teams can keep that edge while others do better.

    I don't blame any play calling. If DJ don't drop the 8 yd pass on 1 st down you have a favorable 2cd and 2 instead of 2cd and 10 and running becomes a little bit easier of a decision. With no timeouts any stuffed run losses a lot of time. The defenders aren't going to be in a hurry to unpile.

    I don't really blame the line, Malley has been harassed all year. There was 2 passes that had they been caught it puts 11 more points on the board.

    Dropped passes was the biggest deciding factor in the game. Lots of drives
    were stalled and at least 2 touchdowns were missed because of dropped passes.

    I like Mallet but I am ready to see him go. He is a pure pocket passer with little escapability and poor accuracy when he does have to move.

    Defensively we lost the game in the first half offensively we just never really got it going to consistently move the ball.

    Life goes on, I would of loved to see us win the game but it is just a game. WE didn't get blown out and the ball just never bounced our way last night.
    A few playes either way and Arkansas could be in the National Championship game, a few plays the other way and Arkansas could have been in the Cotton Bowl or worse.

    Pretty good year,
  13. Mallet over threw receivers as much if not more than recievers dropping well thrown balls. Don't even get me started on our defense during the first half of the game. It a tough game to watch, a couple of different times I was tempted to switch the channel to 1000 ways to die. Instead, I watched the game and went to bed aggrevated.

    I felt like I was watching the Houston Texans play, and in saying that, I mean missed opportunity after missed opportunity...the hogs kicked their own arse last night.
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    They teach you in Pee Wee football to scope and run on a block punt, don't know what the guy was thinking. Adams need to catch the ball and quit talking trash, all you have to do is look at scoreboard you were not winning. 10 and 3 not bad for Arkansas, but am running out of wait till next year.
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    i think his play calling looked bad b/c of poor execution... just my opinion.

    I guess??? he was 3/3 including 46 & 47 yarders... he scored a 1/3 of our points, he kept us in that game.

    we have shown improvement every year since BP's arrival. my biggest disappointments have been our flat performances in both bowl games. we keep doing what weve been doing in the regular season and the bowl games will work themselves out.

  16. gotyacovered

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    It's that small man syndrome. Joe Adams is a key to our success. He's the only guy we got that can catch a trashy screen pass and go from -2 to +15 in the blink of an eye. If he breaks out nobody on the field has a chance of catching him. The Ohio state defense knows this and they know he is easy to rile up so they did it on purpose. Just like when he made the big catch after the play the OSU player took the ball out of his hands to be a douche bag. Joe Adams will never reach his full potential until he learns that he needs to man up during the play and not after it. Running your mouth won't shut anyone up Joe! Just beat em on the field and give em no choice but to hang their head.
  18. dsmtuner1

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    And who thought the DJ Williams revered touchdown was sick!!!!!

    Not that it mattered but I was sick when they called that "undisputable" evidence. Cmon! That play was awesome haha.
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    i guess was a poor choice of words, i guess, lol. hocker and breeding both were off the chain.

    i was doing pretty good, then i got mad again. had we kicked the FG on the 4th down play, all we would have needed was a fg to win at the end. :banghead: when you are behind, all money is good money....just like dominoes:up:
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    THE Ohio State player of the game !