Tips on hunting coyotes in thickets

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by buckhorn, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. buckhorn

    buckhorn Well-Known Member

    Can someone give me any tips on hunting coyotes in thickets. With the exception of 1 gas line our lease is completely thickets and cutovers.
    We have shooting lanes cut up to about 100 yds long but that is it as far as visibility goes. Coyotes are way to abundant. What is the best way to hunt these?

    I have no predator hunting experience, just some mouth distress calls.
    I would like to take the bull by the horn and try to thin a few out.

  2. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    We have basically the same type of terrain on our lease and plenty of coyotes. It's hard to get them out of the thick stuff on our place. Every now and then you can call one out. We've tried mouth calls and electronic and not had much luck with either. One thing's for sure, it's exciting when you do get a crack at one.