Time to start filling the Freezer with Pork

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by VALES, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. VALES

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    Pretty good start...good eatin!!
  2. beltcutter

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    How much does he weigh?

  3. VALES

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    Not as much as i thought. I was guessing he would hit the 200 mark. He only weighed 160...think he has been chasing them sows hard and heavy...that was a thick pig for only 160lbs.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Great looking hog!!

    If you need any tips on hog hunting I hear there's a guy on the board that goes by GotPork that might be able to help ya out. :biggrin:
  5. Alpha

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    Yea I was figuring 225 or so when you sent me the pic!

    Congrats again!:thumb:
  6. VALES

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    I taught him everything he knows....:biggrin:
  7. SwampCat

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    I am not sure I would admit that!:cool:
  8. mikebri

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  9. VALES

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    Well except for pen wrestling..:biggrin:
  10. Tink

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    I can't wait till I get some of the prokers!

    I love Bacon!
  11. John Stiles

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    DANG Vales! What kinda scales you usin? That has got to be 200....I have cotton scales. Maybe mine cheat? Sure could use a ham right about now!
  12. VALES

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    I was surprised too...them brand new Cabelas scales must be off a bit. He felt like 200lbs anyway. I thought i checked the zero on them but i am gonna check again tonight. I know he absorbed a 150gr. cor-lokt right behind the shoulder like it was nothing...knocked him off his feet for a minute..then he remembered where the thicket was...still made it 60 yards before i had to put another shot into him. I have a perfectly mushroomed bullet that stuck in the hide on the other side. Not a drop of blood except where i finished him..Them ol' boar hogs are tough..
  13. BDW

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    Nice work!!!
  14. tkcampb1

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    I'm jealous of you guys who see and get hogs regularly. I occasionly get pics of'm but have never seen one to put in the freezer.
  15. VALES

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    O.K. just checked the scales...I am still pretty good at judging weight. The scales said 166lbs. yesterday to be exact. They are 45lbs off which puts him at 211lbs. I guessed 212 lbs yesterday which puts me one lb. off. Not bad since it has been a year since I weighed one. Not the biggest I have killed but I will take em that size all day, everyday.
  16. It seems like there are a lot of folks on this forum who eats these feral hogs. Then there are many who would shoot and let them lay. I live in Logan county and have yet to see any hogs where I hunt in Mt. Magazine area. My family loves wild hogs, especially the big boars. My dad always say the bigger the better. Personally, I rather eat these wild ones then store bought pork. I mean, come on, when did the piggy go to market? 2-3 months? Injected with preservatives and coloring? I use to raise chicken comercially and trust me "naturally organic?" Since when do you see a full size chicken in 7 weeks raised the old fashioned way?

    I like to thank every member on here who reports sightings and posts pix. That tells me I wont die when the apocalypse hit because I know how to live off the land! :flag:
  17. VALES

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    All i can say is "this little piggy went to the ice chest and soon to go to the freezer" I like pigs and always will.
  18. Alpha

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    Shoot that sucka in the ear next time!
  19. VALES

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    I reserve the ear shots for my .22 magnum.
  20. GotPork

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    :whistle: I got to watch him....he will shoot em out from under me!! LOL
    In a couple weeks when deer season closes....Im gonna show ya what all he showed me....hog carnage Everywhere!! LOL
    You'll have to come down & get your hand in on that! We are savin the 200lb boars till after deer season
    :head: Where did you get them scales.......Them Graves fellers sellin em?????:fit:
    Not Always....sometimes there's them runnin shots!!